viernes, 16 de septiembre de 2011


BRUTAL TRUTH grindcore machine have just assaulted the public with another brand new track from their upcoming album, End Time! Right now you can get a "Gut Check" courtesy of a track premiere, and also download the recently-released "Fuck Cancer" via Metal Maniacs.

These latest premieres are all in addition to multiple earlier attacks from BRUTAL TRUTH this month, as the crew have already unleashed several other tracks from End Time via Metal Hammer Germany, A.V. Club, Noisecreep, Sick Drummer and the band’s own Facebook page.
Abusing the listener with 23 songs in under 55 minutes, End Time was recorded with Doug White at Watchman Studios in Lockport, New York, and showcases BRUTAL TRUTH continuing to reign as one of grindcore's most influential and acts. Preorders for End Time are now available at


The third Lantlôs album will be entitled "Agape" and will be out on October 28th, 2011! "Agape" is not just another Post Black Metal album. "Agape" will make Post Black Metal obsolete.
See the cover artwork of the album which has been painted by Herbst in person. The "Agape" track listing is:

1. Intrauterin
2. Bliss
3. Bloody Lips And Paper Skin
4. You Feel Like Memories
5. Eribo - I Collect The Stars


Four years have passed since the release of Farsot's highly acclaimed debut album "IIII", but the wait for its successor will be over soon! Farsot's second album "Insects" will see its release on October 28th, 2011, and once more it will musically and conceptually disregard the conventions of Dark/Black Metal. See the album's cover artwork and tracklisting below.

1. Like Flakes Of Rust
2. Empyrean
3. Perdition
4. 7
5. Adamantine Chains
6. The Vermilion Trail
7. Withdrawal
8. Somnolent


Chicago deathcore heavyweights OCEANO and Texan electronic metallers THE BROWNING are due to kick off a tour of the American Midwest tonight , Friday, September 16th, in St. Paul, Minnesota. The bands will be supported by THICK AS BLOOD, LEGEND and VOLUMES.

Sep. 16 - St. Paul, MN - Station 4
Sep. 17 - Sioux City, IA - The Underground
Sep. 18 - Des Moines, IA - People's Court
Sep. 19 - St. Louis, MO - Fubar
Sep. 20 - Evansville, IN - Boney June's
Sep. 22 - Fort Wayne, IN - Sunset Hall
Sep. 23 - Bloomington, IL - The Castle Theatre
Sep. 24 - Cherry Valley, IL - Take 20

THE BROWNING are due to release their debut album, BURN THIS WORLD, on October 3rd in Europe and October 4th in North America.  Pre-order the album now at:

European Webstore -
iTunes Europe (with 2 bonus tracks) -

USA Webstore -
iTunes North America (with 2 bonus tracks) -

A new track from BURN THIS WORLD, titled "Not Alone", is available to listen to now, along with lyrics, at

Both of OCEANO's albums, DEPTHS and CONTAGION, are available on CD in Europe at or in North America at

Watch the official music video for OCEANO's track, "Weaponized", at

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WHITE WIZZARD releases FLYING TIGERS on September 19th

Los Angeles traditional heavy metal act WHITE WIZZARD are preparing to release
their brand new album, FLYING TIGERS, on Monday, September 19th in Europe. The album will be released in North America on November 15th.

Ahead of the release of FLYING TIGERS, WHITE WIZZARD bassist and mainman JON LEON took some time to speak to Victor Ruiz of Mars Attacks Radio about the band's approach to writing the new album and the expectations of following on from their critically-acclaimed debut album, OVER THE TOP.

JON LEON comments: "I didn't go into Flying Tigers feeling like there was any debt to prove anything to anybody. Everything with me, with the writing of White Wizzard, has been pretty much a natural flow, and it's been exactly what I've been feeling at the time and what's come out of me - none of it's contrived. I'm just pretty much a Rush geek and an Iron Maiden geek that loves music, that finally got sick of compromising being in different bands and just decided to form this band not caring if ten people showed up, and I still write like that. I feel blessed that people have reacted so positively to White Wizzard; I'm really, really happy to see that something that I did just kind of on a whim, to form the band I wanted to form and make the music I want, has at least resonated with some people and hopefully it will continue to do so.

"I'm really just focused on myself and our fans, and anybody else that is judging us or feeling like we need to prove something to them, I really am not worried about. At the end of the day I'm very, very proud of this record and I think it's the best thing I feel I've ever done musically as an artist, and I feel like White Wizzard's continuing to progress and I'm progressing as a writer. It was a pleasure to make this record and it's definitely a very exciting time for me as far as what we're going to be putting out."

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FLYING TIGERS features the core WHITE WIZZARD line-up of bassist, songwriter and founding member JON LEON, drummer GIOVANNI DURST and studio vocalist WYATT ANDERSON, who featured on the band's debut album, OVER THE TOP. The new album was once again recorded with producer RALPH PATLAN in Phoenix, Arizona.

FLYING TIGERS is available to pre-order now on CD, as well as limited edition coloured vinyl in the following quantities and colours:

100 - Purple
200 - Yellow
300 - Clear & White Mix
400 - Black


L.A. metal band My Ruin will give away their new album for free on December 7th. their new album will be entitled "A Southern Revelation" and will be available for free download at the My Ruin website on December 7.


Megadeth´s new single called "Public Enemy Nº 1" has just been released. This is the first single of their new album called "Thirteen" that will be available on November 1st through Roadrunner Records.