miércoles, 16 de enero de 2013


Classical death metal band Massacre will release its album, Back From Beyond, in March 24th. The band features guitarist Rick Rozz, bassist Terry Butler, drummer Mike Mazzonetto (M Inc, Pain Principle) and vocalist Ed Webb (Diabolic, Generichrist). "Back from Beyond" was recorded and mixed at CGM Studios in Altamonte Springs, Florida and will be released through Century Media Records. "Back from Beyond" features the following tracks:
1. The Ancient Ones
2. As We Wait to Die
3. Ascension of the Deceased
4. Hunter's Blood
5. Darkness Fell
6. False Revelation
7. Succumb to Rapture
8. Remnants of Hatred
9. Shield of the Son
10. The Evil Within
11. Sands of Time
12. Beast with Vengeance
13. Back from Beyond
14. Honor the Fallen