miércoles, 12 de febrero de 2014


Chilean black metal band Morbid Fate will be releasing a live album entitled "Morbid Live" on March 1st. The album will be released in a very limited edition in tape and with only 100 copies. "Morbid Live"  feature tracks from the band´s two previous releases: the demo "Promocional MMX A.B." and 2011 "Ritual - Negro Metal". The live tape includes a cover of Samael´s "Morbid Metal". "Morbid Live" features these tracks:
1. Intro  
2. No Resurrection  
3. Negros Jinetes  
4. Eterna Oscuridad  
5. Nocturnal Deathstrike  
6. Vientos de Perdición  
7. Falso Reino  
8. Morbid Metal (Samael cover)