viernes, 14 de febrero de 2014


Mishawaka, Indiana death thrash metal band Necrodemon will release their new album "Rise of the Supernatural" on March 1st. "Rise of the Supernatural" is the follow up to the band´s 2010 album "Ice Fields of Hyperion" and is their fourth full length album. The album will be released through Reaper Records and will feature the following tracks:
1. Supernatural  
2. The Terror Begins...  
3. Mausoleum  
4. Oblivion  
5. Reich of the Undead  
6. Merlin's Ghost (Chant of Making VIII)  
7. Eidola of the Rising Ground...
8. ...A Paranormal Intrusion  
9. Harrowing Visions  
10. Grim