martes, 18 de febrero de 2014


One man Canadian heavy metal band Judgement Haste will be releasing their debut album on March 1st. The album will be entitled "Birth of the Wrath" and will be released independently. Judgement Haste has also released three demos between 2010 and 2012 and an EP, entitled "Nation of Disciples" in 2013. "Birth of the Wrath" will feature the following tracks:
1. Scared to Die  
2. Who I Am  
3. After Forever (Black Sabbath cover)  
4. Asylum  
5. Soliloquy and Memories  
6. Heal My Wounds  
7. Culte Du Mal  
8. Scared to Die - Finale  
9. Summer Rain ''Demo''  
10. Asylum ''Rehearsal Version''  
11. Unleashed  
12. Transylveiniac 2013