jueves, 27 de febrero de 2014


New York doom metal band Blood Farmers will be releasing their new full length album (their second one) entitled "Headless Eyes" on March 1st. The album is the follow up to the band´s 1995 debut album "Blood Farmers" and will be released through Resurrection Productions. "Headless Eyes" was recorded at Studio 584, NYC, the mixing was done at Hyperspace Studios, Long Island, NY and the mastering at Masterdisk, NYC. The new album will feature the following tracklist:
1. Gut Shot  
2. Headless Eyes  
3. The Creeper
4. Thousand-Yard Stare  
5. Night of the Sorcerers
6. The Road Leads to Nowhere (David Hess cover)


Mexican death / black metal band Bloodkiller will be releasing their second full length album entitled "Escape from the Infernal Asylum". The album is the follow up to Bloodkiller´s debut, 2010´s "Demon Back" and will be released through Gargola Records. The album is a concept album in six parts and also features two bonus tracks: a cover of Venom´s "Countess Bathory" and a doom version of the track "Inquisition God" (from the debut album). "Escape from the Infernal Asylum" will feature the following tracks:
1. Curandero  
2. Rebellion  
3. Ritualcohol  
4. Nightmare Creatures  
5. Deposito de Cadaveres  
6. Escape del Asilo Infernal  
7. Inquisition God (Doom version)  
8. Countess Bathory (Venom cover)