viernes, 28 de febrero de 2014


Black metal band from Dallenwill, Switzerland, Black Jade will release their new album, entitled "Warden of Tol Sirion" on April 21st. The album will be released through Black Tower Productions and it has four bonus tracks taken from the 4-way split with Onyx, Ringbearer and Uruk Hai. "Warden of Tol Sirion" is the band sixth full length album and the follow up to 2013´s "The Prophecy of the North". The new album will feature the following tracklist:
1. Namárië!  
2. Dol Amroth  
3. Rise and Fall of Khazad-dûm  
4. Dorthonion  
5. Undulávë lumbulë!  
6. Path to Edhellond  
7. Warden of Tol Sirion  
8. Belegost  
9. Awake!  
10. Warrior Princess  
11. Ar-Pharazôn  
12. Spirit of the Water Lord