sábado, 26 de abril de 2014


Reunited thrashers Excel are re-releasing theur debut album "Split Image" with plenty of bonus tracks. The album was originally produced by Randy Burns (Kreator, Death, Possessed and many more). Now the band will reissue the classic album through Southern Lord Records. The reissue will contain several demos, such as the "Sonic Decapitation" and "Refuse to Quit" ones and alternative cover art. There is also a vinyl version of the album.


Spanish thrash metal band Crisix have released a video for thir tune "Rise....then rest". The tune is part of the band`s new album that has the same title. "Rise...then rest" will be released on May 6th through Apostasy Records. You can check the video below.


Blackwater have released a new track called "Waste Away". The tune us part of their forthcoming EP, entitled "River". The EP will be released on May 23rd.
THe band has issued the following statement "The reason for changing to an EP release this summer instead of our debut album is that we have written a lot of songs and we didn’t want to scrap anything. These songs in particular didn’t quite fit with the other 11 songs that have made the record, but they all seem to work together and follow a theme we really liked. It has become clearer now that we have some great opportunities in store for the development of our album which we hope to explore during the summer, allowing for autumn/winter release".