miércoles, 27 de agosto de 2014


Death metal band Abysmal Dawn will be releasing a new album on October 24th. The album, entitled "Obsolescence" will be released through Relapse Records.  "Obsolescence" is the follow upto the band´s 2011 full length "Leveling the Plane of Existence". The album was recorded on Artisan Road Studios and was mixed and mastered in Trench Studios. "Obsolescence" will feature the following tracks:
1.Human Obsolescence  
2. Perfecting Slavery
3. Inanimate
4.Devouring the Essence of God
5.One Percent Incomplete
6. Loathed in Life / Praised in Death 7. By My Demons
8. Laborem Liberat Te
9.The Inevitable Return to Darkness
10. Night's Blood (Dissection cover)