lunes, 6 de octubre de 2014


French thrash death metal band Absurdity will release their new album, entitled "Undestructible" on October 13th. The album is the follow up to the band´s 2011 "D:Evolution" album and is the second full length release of their career. "Undestructible" will be released through Urban Death label and will feature the following tracks:
1. Prelude: First Infected  
2. Spawn  
3. Rebellion  
4. Wounded Animal  
5. ... and Blood Will Run  
6. Criminal  
7. Truth-Out.Org (Anakata)
8. Hatred Fuel  
9. Can't Stop the Machine  
10. Information Killed Information
11. Undestructible


Austrian thrash groove metal band Uzziel will be releasing their debut full length album on October 11th. The album will be entitled "Torn Apart"and will be released through Darkspace Music label. "Torn Apart" is the follow up to the band´s 2011 demo "Broken". "Torn Apart" will feature the following tracks:
1. Children's Playground  
2. Like a God  
3. Lies  
4. Wash Away My Tears  
5. Coming for You  
6. In Your Eyes  
7. The War Within  
8. I'm Dying  
9. Why  
10. Captured by Emptiness  
11. Lost Control  
12. Are You Afraid  
13. Frozen  
14. D'Alighieri's Nightmare


Sandy, Utah power thrash metal band Shadowseer are releasing their debut album on October 11th. The album will be released in an independent way and was recorded in Secret Sidewalk and Rigby Road Studios. The album has the title "Shadowseer and will feature the following tracks:
1. Cursed for All Time
2. Immortality  
3. Two Tribes  
4. Minotaur  
5. Rise to the Throne - The Angel  
6. Rise to the Throne - The Devil  
7. Waltz of Time  
8. Before the End of Life


Black funeral doom metal band from Cagliari, Italy, Arcana Coelestia will release their third full length album, entitled "Nomas" on October 11th. The new album is the follow up to the band´s 2009 full length album "Le Mirage de L´Ideal". The album is scheduled to be released through Avantgarde Music label and will feature the following tracks:
1. Nomas I  
2. Nomas II  
3. Nomas III  
4. Nomas IV  
5. Nomas V


Atmospheric sludge metal band Huldra will be releasing their new album, entitled "Black Tides", on October 11th. The album is the follow up to the band´s 2013 full length "Monuments, Monoliths" and is the second album in the band´s career. The album will feature long tracks full of atmospheres that are part of the Huldra sound. "Black Tides" will be released independently and will feature the following tracks:
1. The Eye of the Storm  
2. Black Tides
3. The Sky Split Wide Open
4. From Out of the Maelstrom  
5. He Was Compelled To Turn Westward Out of Some Misplaced Sense of Hope


German melodic power metalband Mob Rules will release their new album, entitled "Timekeeper" on October 10th. The album is a 3 CD + DVD box set that is released as a 20th anniversary of the band´s career and is the follow up to their 2012 "Cannibal Nation" album. The box set comes full of rarities such as new recording of old material, live tracks and new tracks. You can check the box set tracklist below:
Disc 1 (CD) - The Best
1. Temple Fanfare  
2. Pilot of Earth  
3. Black Rain  
4. Cannibal Nation  
5. Astral Hand  
6. Close my eyes  
7. Dead Man's Face  
8. Among the Gods  
9. In the land of wind and rain  
10. Hollowed be thy name  
11. Last Farewell  
12. Ice and Fire  
13. Lord of Madness (Live)  
14. With Sparrows Rain song (Live)  
Disc 2 (CD) - Friends
1. Insurgeria (New recording)  
2. Celebration Day (New recording)  
3. Lights Out (New Recording)  
4. End of all days (New recording)  
5. Broken (New track)  
6. All above the atmosphere (New recording)  
7. Coast to Coast (New Recording)  
8. How the gypsy was born (Remastered)  
9. Run with the wolf (New recording)  
10. My Kingdom come (New Track, Orchestral version)  
Disc 3 (CD) - Single
1. My Kingdom Come (New track)  
2. Meet you in Heaven (Live at Pumpwerk)  
Disc 4 (DVD)
1. Children of flames  
2. Trial by fire  
3. Astral Hand  
4. Unholy war  
5. Ashes to Ashes  
6. Fuel to the fire  
7. Veil of Death  
8. Last Farewell  
9. In the land of wind and rain  
10. Black rain  
11. Hollowed be thy name  
12. The Official videos  
13. The Roadmob Bootlegs 


Canadian speed metal band Skull Fist have confirmed drummer JJ Tartaglia as a full time band member. Tartaglia has been playing live with Skull Fist for awhile and now he is playing permanently with them in their Southamerican Tour to support their latest album "Chasing the Dream". You can check JJ´s drumming on this video from their show in Buenos Aires, below:


Melodic death metal band from Aarhus, Denmark, Crocell (featuring members of Illdisposed, Demolition Inc and Compos Mentis among others) will start doing studio work for their new album in november with producer Jacob Olsen. The album, the fourth in the band´s career, will be recorded in JBO Sound Studio and will be the follow up to 2013´s "Come Forth Plague". The band has made available some samples of the pre-production. The samples are from three tracks: "Tyrant of Iron", "Contagious Purity" and "Cross to your Grave"