domingo, 12 de octubre de 2014


Soulburn, the dutch death metal band featuring former Asphyx members, are streaming a new track, entitled “Under The Rise Of A Red Moon” (check the stream below). The track comes from the bands new album "The Suffocating Darkness", the first album by Soulburn since their 1998 classic debut "Feeding on Angels". The new album will be released on November 17th through Century Media Records. The album was recorded with Harry Wijering and the mixing and mastering was done by Dan Swanö at the almighty Unisound Recordings.


British melodic death metal band from Taunton, Engraved Disillusion have made videos of the recording of their new album, "Eternal Rest", available for streaming (check the videos below)."Eternal Rest" is the band´s second full length album and the follow up to the band´s debut "Embers of Existence" released in 2011. The new album will be released independently on October 31st and will feature the following tracks.
1. Life is...  
2. Embrace the Flames  
3. Lost  
4. Curse the Sorrow  
5. Shadows Run Black  
6. No Tomorrow  
7. Into Oblivion  
8. In Aeternum  
9. Echoes From a Silent Sky  
10. The Eternal Rest



Chicago, Illinois sludge metal hardcore band American Heritage have released a track entitled "Anxious Bedwetter" for streaming. The track comes from the band´s sixth and final  album, entitled "Prolapse", that will be released on November 24th via Solar Flare Records. The album was recorded and mixed by Sanford Parker at SOMA Studios in Chicago, IL, with additional recording by Che Arthur and Mike Lust, "Prolapse" is the follow-up to the band’s 2011 album "Sedentary".


Bassist and vocalist Janto Garmanslund has left norwegian progressive black metal band Hades Almighty after 22 years in the band. The band has issued the following statement: "Janto, The lead singer/bass player of Hades Almighty, has, after 22 years by our side, decided to leave the band permanently! There is no bad blood between us, as we still are best of friends, and will continue being friends. This is a decision he made completely by himself. Janto has been, and still is, a brilliant musician, bass player and composer, both musically and lyrically! It has been 22 years of great times, many, many inspirations in many ways. We salute you our brother in arms! More than two decades of dedication in The Horde Of Hades is something to be proud of, and we salute the raven of war and crimes in music and friendship! HAIL! We will continue working on the new album as planned and it is due to be finished in 2015. The EP, which was due to be released at the end of 2014 will suffer some delay because of this matter, but nothing significant! All shows are hereby cancelled, but we will of course return as soon as we have the opportunity!
This means that Hades Almighty is entering a new era, starting from this day forward! We would like to reach out to our followers, fans, promoters, record label, booking agencies, and crew, for a  little understanding that our already booked shows, and future plans, will be delayed! We are honestly sorry for that, and we are already in the process of finding a replacement for Janto, but that alone is a long process, and surely not an easy one!!”


Gothic metal band from Philippines are releasing a track entitled "Even if I´m Broken" for streaming. The track comes from the band´s new EP that will be released on November through Chrysallis Records. The EP was recorded and produced by Joelen Mingi. You can check the new track below: