lunes, 27 de octubre de 2014


Melodic death/thrash metal band from Sweden, The Crown, has just released a video for the track "Headhunter" (check video below).The track comes from the band´s limited 7" EP entitled "Headhunter" released on October which is a preview of the band´s new album. The EP includes a track of the forthcoming album entitled "Death is Not Dead" that will be released on January 12th through Century Media Records and also a cover of Napalm Death´s "Unfit Earth" ("Harmony Corruption" era).


Indianapolis, Indiana doom metal band Apostle of Solitude have released a  video for the track "This Mania" (check video below). The tune comes from the band´s new album "Of Woe and Wounds" that will be released on October 31st. The album will be released through Cruz del Sur Music and will feature the following tracks:
- Distance and the Cold Heart
- Blackest of Times
- Whore´s Wings
- Lamentations of a Broken Man
- Die Vicar Die
- Push Mortal Coil
- This Mania
- Siren
- Luna
- Distance and the Cold Heart (reprise)


Swedish metal band Nightingale will released their seventh album entitled "Retribution". The album is the follow up to 2007's "White Darkness" and will be released through InsideOut Music. "Retribution" will be released on January 27th, 2015. The new Nightingale album features Dan Swanö (guitars, vocals and keyboards), Dag Swanö (guitars, keyboards), Erik Oskarsson (bass) and Tom Björn (drums) and will feature the following tracks:
1. On Stolen Wings
2. Lucifer's Lament
3. Chasing The Storm Away
4. Warriors Of The Dawn
5. Forevermore
6. Divided I Fall
7. The Voyage Of Endurance
8. 27 (Curse Or Coincidence?)
9. The Maze
10. Echoes Of A Dream


German black metal band Agathodaimon has decided to stop playing together. The band has been playing togethere for almost twenty years, since 1995. The band has issued the following statement:
"The important news as such to start with - we'll split the band.
And it's damn hard to put this into words. Agathodaimon has been my steady companion during the past years, since its foundation in 1995.
Looking back, many things changed since then, others stayed the same - we always kept our core principles and our band philosophy in focus. And one of its main aspects was to always strive to deliver the best result possible. But this means that dedication and a good amount of time is needed, and that's what I currently can't deliver.
Having a family (2 kids) meanwhile, I can either choose between them or the music. Or go for a half-hearted compromise.
This may sound trivial at first, and I did my best to check all available options and possibilities. But in the end it became obvious that I can't continue with the band on a level that it deserves, that can still aim to 'deliver the best result possible.'
So, after thinking about it for quite a while and discussing this with the other boys, we agreed it's best to lay the band to rest. (It should be noted that also some other members partially face similar obstacles that would prevent bigger activities at least for next year).
It is a hard decision for me, but it would be foolish to pretend I could give both band and family proper attention the way things are currently. And working on the next album half-heartedly... that's not an option and in the end, it would not be fair to the fans or our philosophy.
Yet, this might not mean the band is gone forever. Things and circumstances change... It's not sure the band might continue at a later date, but yes, we wish for it, so there's a chance we'll come together again, some day. And continue where we left off, with new strength and energy. (I also doubt I am able to stay away from making music anyway...)
Speaking of it, some of us will start/announce new projects sooner or later, we'll keep you updated about it.
Thanks to all those who supported us over the years.
P.S.: To take care of our estate, there's a bunch of merchandise left, and eventually some music equipment we'll be offering shortly via Bandcamp or Ebay. To stay up to date, subscribe to our newsletter, check our website."