miércoles, 12 de noviembre de 2014


Sludge doom metal band Gale has just released their "Vol 1" debut album. Below you can check the band´s press statement:
"Another new name surges forth from Arizona’s flourishing sludge/doom scene in the form of GALE, as the outfit self-releases their debut recording, "Vol. 1".
The moniker references the massive desert winds, a trait which the band attempts to exemplify with similarly devastating results through their exceptionally loud craft, the band even playing at full live volume at practice where the drums are amplified, as they also do live. Formed in the sunbaked soil of Phoenix, the very new quartet, GALE razes all in their path with a very promising, killer brew of modernized, organic sludge/doom metal. As per the band: “We play loud as fuck. This is rock n roll; it should be loud and dangerous.”
Burning with twenty-six minutes of material, GALE’s debut recordings have been independently released by the band in recent days as Vol. 1, the record recorded in nearly one take by Jalipaz Nelson at Audioconfusion in Mesa, Arizona. While not a concept record, the album and its lyrical basis primarily deals with existentialism and the darkness that can be revealed upon self-analysis. With a brutalizing tone sure to intoxicate fans of statemates Godhunter, Sorxe, Methra and the like, the ultra-amplified output of GALE here alludes to the works of Yob, Melvins, Crowbar, Neurosis and Sleep, yet only in theory and not simply regurgitated. The band performs their engulfing craft with each member of the four-piece lineup contributing a different style of vocals in addition to their respective instruments.
With the hopes all reaching as many diehard fans of doom, sludge and all open-minded forms of extreme music, GALE has self-released Vol 1. as a name-your-price digital download. Stream, purchase and spread the destruction from THIS LOCATION.
GALE will forge a physical version of Vol. 1 in the pending months, and the band has already begun the planning stages on additional new material which will see release through several new works throughout 2015. Additionally, GALE will perform their next live set this Saturday, November 8th in Mesa, joining the massive lineup including Column III, Funerary, Godhunter, Today Is The Day and Eyehategod. Additional live incursions will be continually announced through the coming months."


Blackened crust doom metal band Abstracter will release their new album entitled "Wound Empire". Here is the band´s press release:
"Germany-based Vendetta Records and 7Degrees Records, Italy’s Shove Records, UK-based Church of Fuck, and US labels Fragile Branch Recordings, Sentient Ruin Laboratories and An Out Recordings are extremely proud and honored to announce the cooperative release of Oakland, California-based ABSTRACTER’s second full-length album.
Drawing musical influence from legendary underground heavyweights like Godflesh, Swans, Amebix, Neurosis, His Hero is Gone, Blut Aus Nord, Dystopia, Beherit, Corrupted, Grief, and Darkthrone and conceptually influenced by the work of South African anti-natalist philosopher David Banatar, Wound Empire is a concept work that once again sees the band dwell in its obsession for massive and crushing riffing, dismal and unsettling soundscapes, and with their fascination with concepts of human decline, cultural and industrial ruin, and complete social collapse. Crafted in near-seclusion over the past two years, Wound Empire is a forty-five minute hallucinating voyage into a frightening wasteland of complete darkness-ridden heaviness spread across four, ten minute-long, massive slabs of obliterating, crusted, blackened doom. This new album by the band showcases a massive expansion upon their previous sound as heard on their critically praised debut album, Tomb of Feathers, released in 2012 on The Path Less traveled Records, and presents us with a greatly evolved and enhanced vision of ABSTRACTER’s abyssal and crushing sound and of their grimness-injected sonic aesthetic.
Recorded this Spring at Earhammer Studios in Oakland by Greg Wilkinson (Brainoil, Pallbearer, High On Fire, Noothgrush, Sleep) and mastered at Audiosiege Mastering studios in Portland, by Brad Boatright (Wolves In The Throne Room, Sunn O))), Nails), ABSTRACTER will release Wound Empire at the turn of the year in a variety of formats. The record will see distribution digitally via Sentient Ruin Laboratories, on 12” LP via Vendetta Records, 7 Degrees Records, Shove Records and, Fragile Branch Recordings, on CD through Church of Fuck, and on cassette via Sentient Ruin Laboratories and An Out Recordings. All versions which will all bear beautiful artwork crafted by Kevin Gan Yuen of the Bay Area’s revered blackened noise cult visionaries Sutekh Hexen. Without a shadow of a doubt a release to look out for in the underground and in the realm of all things heavy and dark, Wound Empire is a must-hear for fans of Inter Arma, Thou, Amenra, Indian, Wolvhammer, Unearthly Trance and the like.
ABSTRACTER’s previous recordings have earned accolades from the press, including, “An impressive triumph” by Metal Hammer, “post metal in excelsis – out of this fucking world good” by Cvlt Nation, “Absolutely Immense” by Doommantia, “Amazing” by The Sludgelord, and “exceptionally vibrant DIY doom” by Exclaim! Having shared the stage with Eyehategod, Inter Arma, Hexis, Bell Witch, The Atlas Moth, Primitive Man, Kayo Dot, Author & Punisher, Usnea, Stonerburner, Braveyoung, Children Of God, Centuries, Eight Bells and many more, ABSTRACTER will perform sporadic live shows throughout 2015 in support of their latest works.
Stand by for official release dates, trailers, audio samples and more on Wound Empire to be released in the coming weeks.


Norwegian black metal band Posthum will release their third full-length album entitled "The black northern ritual". Here is the band´s press release;
"The Black Northern Ritual. Recorded by Morten Opsahl Thomassen, who worked on the band’s 2012 Lights Out opus, alongside the band, mixed by George Tanderø and mastered by Peter In De Betou, The Black Northern Ritual is seven track, forty-minute offering of audio hate, acrimony and disease bedecked in a cold, callous atmosphere that’s difficult to dismiss.

One would most likely expect something ambient and gloomy from the Norwegian trio, something similar to their more experimental second album, Lights Out. But it’s quite the opposite. Instead POSTHUM’s The Black Northern Ritual tears its listeners apart from the very opening of “Demon Black Skies.” Vocalist Jon Kristian Skare’s searing rasp is more aggressive, the guitars more up front and the drums more thrash-infused. “I really felt the urge to write something powerful and I wanted to follow up on the themes from our debut,” elaborates Kristian Skare. “I truly think we’ve awakened the true sound of ourselves after a decade as a band.”

Tanderø’s astounding mixing abilities only further compliment the record’s already poisonous sound. “To have George Tanderø mixing the album was an easy choice,” said POSTHUM drummer Morten Edseth. “We needed a person with not only skills, but also talent and an open mind. George has the worked with a variety of artists spanning from A-ha and Satyricon to Travis to Cat Stevens. We knew he was the person who was up to the task and to get the best out of the songs we had written and recorded. What we got back was nothing else but perfection, groove and just the right sound for the songs.”

Lyrically, The Black Northern Ritual centers itself on rebellion against the false and corrupted values of the modern western world, “The lyrics are to me a purifying ritual, an inner journey to keep myself in balance, kind of a safe-place where I never have to escape from,” notes Kristian Skare. “I also seek inspiration from the forever-pure nature, and the frustration on how we blindly let it suffer. Sometimes it`s like the universe speaks to me, then I just write down the lyrics as I listen to the arrangements which flows around inside my head.”

The Black Northern Ritual Track Listing:
1. Demon Black Skies
2. Condemned
3. To The Pits
4. The Black Northern Ritual
5. Vinter
6. A Disappearing Sun
7. North


Crucial Blast Records has just issued a brand new label sampler, entitled "Carrion Anthems" through a name-your-price BandCamp download (download it HERE). "Carrion Anthems" features a variety of tracks taken from new, recent, and forthcoming releases from Crucial Blast. Ranging from crushing death industrial, outré black metal, misanthropic power electronics, jet-black ambient, twisted blackened industrial heaviness, occult darkwave, and noise-damaged death metal, this twenty-two track compilation showcases Crucial Blast's latest forays into the strangest subterranea of the black/death/industrial/ambient underground. With nearly two hours of music, the sampler includes as-yet unreleased tracks from upcoming releases from GNAW THEIR TONGUES, DEGENERATE SLUG, LUASA RAELON, and PERSISTENCE IN MOURNING, as well as tracks from recent label releases from EPISTASIS, CLOAK OF ALTERING, T.O.M.B., THEOLOGIAN, EMIT, ENBILULUGUGAL and more.


Cannibal Corpse and Behemoth will be coheadlining their Winter USA Tour 2015. Support bands will be Aeon and Tribulation


Below are the confirmed dates for Coroner´s South American tour dates. Debajo están las fechas del tour de Coroner por Sudamérica.


Technical death metal band First Fragment have signed with Unique Leader Records for the release of their debut album in early 2015. The album will feature guest appearances from current and former members of Spawn Of Possession, Obscura, Archspire, Augury, Elderoth, and will be mixed by sound engineering Hugues Deslauriers (Augury, Defilementory, Vengeful)  First Fragment has issued the following statement: "We are very pleased to announce that we have officially signed a record deal with California-based label Unique Leader. Since they have produced and released countless albums from bands we've been listening to for years, it is very exciting for us to now be a part of the Unique Leader family. We are also very proud to be the first technical death metal band from Quebec to release an album through an American label that is entirely sung and written in French. We will be representing the nation of Québec by spreading our own brand of extreme francophone metal through one of the most noteworthy record labels in the death metal scene. We are extremely honored that Unique Leader has given us this incredible opportunity."


Kristof Damen, guitarist for melodic death metal band Crimson Falls, has left the band. Here is Kristof´s statement:
"Hello everyone,
A while ago, after almost 13 years, I decided it’s time for me to step back from Crimson Falls. I will still play the last four shows we’ve got planned for this year (Groesbeek, Roeselare, Antwerp & Gent). Afterwards, it’s over.
Those of you who are close to me know that Crimson Falls was never just ‘my hobby.’ It was my passion and for more than a decade of my life I invested loads of time, energy, money, sweat and tears in this band. Composing music, writing lyrics, rehearsing, playing out live and spending countless hours behind the computer screen trying to get things arranged, paving a way up for my band.
Even though I still enjoy all of this, I can only admit that over the last year I lost this will to conquer the world with the band. The power to keep battling and break through walls disappeared. Instead, at this point, I just want to be a good dad for my boy and girl who I love more than anything. I want to be a good man for my wife and family. I want some time off, some rest, a few free weekends. And I want to be able to chase some other dreams I have and do some stuff I hardly had time for while being in the band.
Crimson Falls brought me lots of joy, meaning & satisfaction and I’m very proud of everything we could achieve with the band. I mean, what the fuck?
· We played 275 shows spread over 12 countries!
· We played Graspop, Ieperfest, Deathcrusade Fest, Day Of Decay, Massdeathtruction Fest…
· We shared the stage with big names such as Volbeat, Machine Head, Hatesphere, Textures, Samael… but also with a lot of my own personal heroes like All Shall Perish, Whitechapel, Carnifex, The Faceless, Despised Icon, The Black Dahlia Murder, Aborted, And Hell Followed With… and there were a lot of amazing smaller headline shows.
· We released 3 full CDs and 2 EPs; recorded in professional studios and worked with some of the biggest names.
Yes, indeed, dreams do come true. Now it’s time to move on.
Thank you, not only Wim, Tom, Jay & Youri; but also Mitch, Friso, Sigi, Ringo and Maarten for all the good times and making all this possible. Thank you Kim for always supporting me in this adventure. Thank you Filip Clompen, Kris CCR, Henny Guitar & Sound, Geert Kuyken & N-E-L, David Damen, Bart Steyaert, Genet Records, Split Second Sound, Metalzone/Shiver Records, Bjorn Samyn, Barbara Bulens… for your unforgettable & crucial support along the way. Thanks to all bookers, clubs and zines for the support. And thanks to all of you banging your head, moshing it up or just checking us out with a beer in your hands.
As for Crimson Falls; it looks like the band will continue without me. The guys are still checking how they can work everything out, but a new guitar player seems to be found, so I guess you can expect a statement about that pretty soon.
As for me, I’m planning to keep on writing new music. As a matter of fact, I already am. But if, when and in what form this will see the light of day… time will tell. For now, the journey ends."


Legendary band Goblin Rebirth (formerly known as Goblin), whose music was featured in many Dario Argento films, have signed with Relapse Records. Here is the label´s press statement: "Relapse Records is extremely proud to announce the signing of Italian progressive instrumentalists GOBLIN REBIRTH. A new incarnation, inspired by the legendary Goblin, the 1970's horror-synth / film score icons responsible for such soundtracks as Suspiria, Zombi and Tenebre, GOBLIN REBIRTH came together after a short-lived reformation of the original group in 2009. The new group contains the famed rhythm section of the original Goblin (drummer Agostino Marangolo and bassist Fabio Pignatelli, who both played on the classic soundtracks to Zombi/Dawn of the Dead, Suspria, Profondo Rosso/Deep Red and more), with the addition of Aidan Zammit and Danilo Cherni on keyboards and Giacomo Anselmi on guitar. 

The band formed in 2010 and started with a live repertoire of Goblin hits and some unusual songs from more obscure Goblin soundtracks. The band members soon began creating new material and decided to look to the future, creating songs that grew out of an organic process, through a combination of individual compositions and jam sessions. Now the first new recordings from GOBLIN REBIRTH will see the light of day via Relapse in the Spring of 2015. The group's debut album was mixed and produced by Fabio Pignatelli, and recorded in Rome at Greta’s Sound, Zamusic Studios and Cherni Studio. The drums were recorded in Trani by Ciccio "Frums" Dettole at Scuola Sul Mare. The album was mastered by Bob Fix at BobFixMastering.

The group commented on the new material: "It was clear to us from the start that we wanted to do an album that in some way evolved from the original Goblin sound but also took a new direction reflecting the personalities of all the band members. The pieces all fell together to make up a story that loosely describes the destruction and rebirth of a strange creature. This is itself a loose metaphor referring to the band history."