domingo, 30 de noviembre de 2014


Death thrash metal band Til Rapture will release their debut full length album "Dead World Colony" on December 1st. the album is the follow up to the band´s 2013 demo entitled simply "Til Rapture". "Dead World Colony" will be released independently and will feature the following tracks:
1. Pressure Cooker
2. Horrifica  
3. On Earth as It Is in Hell  
4. When Push Comes to Shovel
5. Deads Eyes Have No Reflection  
6. Bled New Life  
7. The Corpse Whisperer  
8. Madder Thans a Cut Snake  
9. The Dreaded  
10. With Contempt  
11. Thou Shalt Not Love


Melodic black metal band from Commentry, Sühnopfer, will release their new album "Offertoire" on December 1st. The album is the second full length in the band´s career and the follow up to their debut album "Nos Sombres Chapelles" released in 2010. The album will be released through Those Opposed Records and will feature the following tracks:
1. Intro - Saints Mystères  
2. Sonnent les Aurisses (Montmorillon)  
3. Les Légendes de l'Ours  
4. Majestueux Repaire  
5. Chevalier Maudit  
6. La Tour du Pendu  
7. Messe des Morts


German black metal band Pest will release their posthumous album, a compilation with rarities, entitled "Nekrolog". The band splitted up in 2011 after drummer Mrok´s death. The compilation features 2 CDs with over 2 and a half hours of pure black metal. Here is the tracklist:
Disc 1 - Part.1 Triumph of Death
1. The Spirit of Dark Water  
2. Nebel
3. Onward to Destroy  
4. Pest  
5. Vado Mori  
6. Weltgericht  
7. Call from the Other Side  
8. Ära
9. Tears of Hate  
10. Yersinia  
11. Trance  
12. Kingdom of Madness  
13. Es lebe der Tod  
14. Entering Forest  
Disc 2 - Part.2 Memento Mori
1. Nachtgesang  
2. Bis in alle Ewigkeit?  
3. Eternal Darkness  
4. Schnee und Eis  
5. Inferno (Unreleased Demo)  
6. Bonded (Unreleased Demo)  
7. Infinity Awaits  
8. Im Angesicht der schwarzen Sonne  
9. Der Kerker  
10. Ewiges Grab (Unreleased Demo)  
11. Failure of Creation (Unreleased Demo)  
12. The Glimmer  
13. Wasteland  
14. Am Ende des Weges (U.S. "Fullmoon Prod." Ära CD Bonus Version)  
15. Burial (Unreleased pre - mix / Buried)  
16. R.I.P. (Unreleased)


German pagan black metal band Sturmfolk will release their new EP entitled "Von Dunkler Nordischer Schönheit" on December 1st. The release will be done through Abstrakte Wunden - Tonträgerproduktion and the edition will be limited to 100 copies. The EP is the follow up to the band´s 2007 split with Nordal, entitled "Frostland"
1. Einklang
2. Vom Frost umschlungen  
3. Ein Sturm wird kommen  
4. Von dunkler nordischer Schönheit  
5. Wenn der Hammer zeigt seinen Zorn  
6. Ausklang