martes, 2 de diciembre de 2014


British black doom metal one man band Scarlet Harvest will release their new EP entitled "Perdition´s Embrace" on December 5th. The EP is the follow up to Scarlet Harvest´s 2014 demo "Änden" released in July. "Perdition´s Embrace" will be released through Hibernacula Records and will feature these tracks:
1. Perdition's Embrace
2. Photographic Fatalistic Cerebration  
3. Orkeslös I  
4. Desolate Domains (of Withdrawal)  
5. Orkeslös II


Finnish black metal band Lord of Pagathorn will release their new album "Nekros Philia" in vinyl format on December 5th. The album was originally released in CD format on October 31st through Woodcut Records. "Nekros Philia" will feature the following tracks:
1. Intro "In a Dream"  
2. Chapter I Pt.1 "The Asylum Gates" Pt.2 "The Path Leads Astray"
3. Interlude I "Descended Pestilence"  
4. Chapter II Pt. 1 "The Unholy Face of Fate" Pt. 2 "On a Home Soil"  
5. Chapter III Pt.1 "Buried Secrets" Pt.2 "Sinister Sister Inn"
6. Chapter IV Pt. 1 "Old Bell Tolls" Pt. 2 "Nocturnal Noora"  
7. Intro "The Trap"
8. Chapter V Pt. 1 "Robbing the Breathing" Pt. 2 "My Garden of Eden, Underground Eden"  
9. Interlude II "The Beast in Man"
10. Chapter VI Pt. 1 "Full Moon Necrophilia" Pt. 2 "Ritual"  
11. Chapter VII Pt. 1 "The Awakening" Pt. 2 "Imprisoned" Pt. 3 "Potion of Poison"  
12. Outro "Necropolis"


Finnish Melodic death metal band Mors Principium Est will release their new album "Dawn of the 5th Era" on December 5th. The album is the fifth full length in the band´s career and the follow up to their "...and Death said Live" album released in 2012. Drums and vocals in the album were recorded at Ansa Studio; guitars, bass, piano and programming were recorded at Studio Gillionsdottir. "Dawn of the 5th Era" was mixed and mastered at The Panic Room and will feature the following tracks:
1. Enter the Asylum
2. God Has Fallen
3. Leader of the Titans
4. We Are the Sleep
5. Innocence Lost
6. I Am War
7. Monster in Me
8. Apricity
9. Wrath of Indra
10. The Journey
11. The Forsaken


Austrian thrash groove metal band Night Falls Last will release their debut album "Deathwalker" on December 4th. The album will be released in a limited edition of 100 copies through GS Productions. The album is the follow up to the band´s "Return of the Fallen" EP released in 2012. "Deathwalker" will feature the following tracks:
1. Invasion
2. Fear the Machine  
3. Detonate  
4. A Call From Inferno  
5. Shootout  
6. Deathwalker  
7. Start to Breathe  
8. The Bitter Taste of Disease  
9. Rise  
10. And  
11. Fall


Dutch depressive black metal duo Beyond Light will be releasing their new album, entitled "Paintings in the Hall" on December 3rd. The album is the second in the band´s career and the follow up to the "Eclipsed Sun Path" album released in 2010. The album was recorded between 2012 and 2013 at the Anfalas Studios. An initial recording of the album was done in 2010 at the Donareik Studios together with Thrudgelmir, but Belfalas (who plays all instruments) wasn't satisfied with the result, so he decided to re-record the album in the Anfalas Studios. "Paintings in the hall" was mixed by Cees van Ooijen in 2014 and will feature the following tracks:
 1. Blind but Drawing
2. Painted Memories
3. Beneath the Horizon
4. Her Broken Face
5. Her Cold Hands
6. No Rest (not even in My Dreams)
7. Leave Me Alone
8. Coming Back at Last
9. Overflowing Fragments
10. Inevitable
11. Tempest of Light