domingo, 7 de diciembre de 2014


Vocalist Marc Grewe has left Morgoth. The band has issued the following statement: 
"Attention MORGOTH supporters!
Today we must bring you the unfortunate news that we have parted ways with our longtime vocalist Marc Grewe.
The chance for a further cooperation between us simply wasn’t possible anymore.
This has been an extremely tough decision for us to make, and one that was not made easily, but we believe it to be the best for the band at this stage.
That said, we are already working with a new vocalist on our upcoming album. The record will be entitled “Ungod” and will be released in spring 2015 via Century Media Records.
More details about the recordings and a string of new shows for next year will be revealed soon. Please notice: All upcoming confirmed shows will be performed as planned!
Thank you and kind greetings,


Catalonian black metal punk band Cendra will release their new album, entitled "666 Bastards" on January 1st, 2015. The album is the second in the band´s career and the follow up to "Sang, Suor i Alcohol" released in 2013 (the band also released the EP "L´extermini dels Humans" on 2013). The album will be released through Xtreem Music.
"666 Bastards" tracklisting is as follows:
“Satànic D-Beat”
“666 Bastards”
“Cementiri Rocker”
“Sang, Suor I Alcohol”
“Tot És Una Porqueria!”
“Dimonis Motöritzats”
“Privant Fins Rebentar”
“Castell Okupat”


Chilean death thrash metal band Atomicide will b releasing their new album "Chaos Abomination" on January 30th 2015. The album is the second in the band´s career and will be released through Iron Bonehead Productions. The tracklist is as follows:
“Is Vis Pacem Para Bellum”
“Pestilential Hammer Blows”
“Preparing Your Gallows”
“Under The Spell Of Destruction”
“Megaton Desolation”
“Poison Graves”
“Chaos Abomination”
“Victorious Under The Ashes”
The label has issued the following statement: 
“For the past decade, this Chilean power-trio have been mining the depths of the death metal underground, delivering one deadly demo after another, before culminating in the band's debut album, the accurately titled Spreading the Cult Of Death, in 2013. Now, with the equally accurately titled Chaos Abomination, Atomicide unload their most devastating arsenal yet. Surging with war-torn intensity, gnarled and gnarling, teeth-gnashing and frothing with sadistic intent, Chaos Abomination is a veritable hell-storm of death/thrashing madness. Deservingly, Atomicide have coated Chaos Abomination in a production that's bold and bursting with rawness, and yet is clear 'n' nuanced enough to highlight their hackle-raising execution rather than neuter it.”