domingo, 8 de febrero de 2015


Italian death metal band Embryo will release their new album, entitled simply "Embryo" on February 10th. The album is the band´s third full length album and the follow up to their "No God Slave" released in 2010. The album will be released through Logic (Il)Logic Records and will feature the following tracks:
1. An Awkward Attempt  
2. The Pursuit of Silence  
3. Manipulate My Consciousness 
4. Insane Lucidity  
5. The End of the Beginning
6. Embryo  
7. The Touch of Emptiness  
8. The Door to the Abyss  
9. My Pounding Void  
10. Fragments of Utopia  
11. I Am Pure Hate


French death metal grindcore band Putrid Offal will release their new album entitled "Mature Necropsy" on February 10th. THe album is the band´s first full length release and it contains remastered material from the 90s. The band released some demos and split albums in the early nineties made a big comeback in 2014 with an EP entitled "Suffering". "Mature Necropsy" will be released through Kaotoxin Records and will feature the following tracks:
Disc 1 - Mature Necropsy
1. Purulent Cold  
2. Garroting Way  
3. Mortuary Garlands  
4. Gurgling Prey  
5. Repulsive Corpse  
6. Suffering  
7. From Plasma to Embalming  
8. Orgasmic Excavation  
9. Premature Necropsy  
10. Symptom  
11. Rotted Flesh  
12. Birth Remains  
13. Outro  
14. Freddy Krueger (S.O.D. cover)  
15. Sane Men (Nerve cover)  
Disc 2 - Premature Necropsy
1. Purulend Cold  
2. Repulsive Corpse  
3. Premature Necropsy  
4. Rotten Flesh  
5. Symptom  
6. Garroting Way  
7. Suffering  
8. Mortuary Garlands  
9. Outro  
10. Mortuary Garlands  
11. From Plasma to Embalming  
12. Gurgling Prey  
13. Birth Remains  
14. Organic Excavation  
15. Gurgling Prey  
16. Oscillococcinum  
17. Purulent Cold  
18. Rotten Flesh