martes, 17 de febrero de 2015


Death metal beasts Mortician will release a compilation entitled "Mortal Massacre" today, February 17th. The album was originally released as a 7" with only the first five tracks and was reissued a few years later as a full-length CD with additional demo and live material. The album will be released in 12" vinyl through Hells Headbangers Records and features the following tracks:
1. Intro / Mortal Massacre
2. Drilling for Brains
3. Redrum / Outro
4. Intro / Mortician
5. Brutally Mutilated
6. Necrocannibal / Outro
7. Mortal Massacre (live)
8. Brutally Mutilated (live)
9. Necrocannibal (live)
10. Drilling for Brains (live)
11. Hacked Up for Barbeque (live)
12. Redrum (live)
13. Bloodcraving (live)
14. Cremated (live)
15. Mortician (live)
16. Brutally Mutilated (live)
17. Drilling for Brains (live)
18. Bloodcarving (live)
19. Scum (Napalm Death cover) (live)
20. Mortician (live)


French death metal band Necrowretch has made their tune "The Bells of Evil Schism" available for streaming (check the stream below). The tune comes from the band´s latest album "With Serpents Scourge" released on February 16th through Century Media Records. "With Serpents Scourge features the following tracks:
1. Black Death Communion
2. Feast Off Their Doom  
3. With Serpents Scourge  
4. By Evil and Beyond  
5. The Bells of Evil Schism
6. He Thrones on Thy Sins  
7. Even Death May Die  
8. Infernal Imprecation
9. Mortem Ritu