miércoles, 4 de marzo de 2015


Technical death metal band Continuum has just released a lyric video for the track "A Surreal Descent" (check it below). Here is the press statement: 

""The Hypothesis" is the forthcoming new long player from Bay Area technical death metal architects CONTINUUM. Recorded predominantly by lead guitarist/composer Chase Fraser (Decrepit Birth, Animosity), with additional tracking and mixing by Zack Ohren (Suffocation, Fallujah, All Shall Perish et al.) at Castle Ultimate Studios, the ten-track The Hypothesis spews forth a scathing assemblage of engaging, abrasive, surgically precise and unrepentantly violent compositions based conceptually on the mysteries of the infinite and the unsolved theories of the "continuum hypothesis." This hypothesis was studied by a number of mathematicians, many of whom committed suicide before reaching a conclusion to the unfathomable question of infinity.  "

"A true monolith of progressive technical death metal, The Hypothesis will drop next month via Unique Leader Records. In celebration of its release today the death-bringers at the Deciblog offer up the official new lyric video for ninth cut, "A Surreal Descent.""

"Forged in 2009, CONTINUUM features the current working lineup of Fraser alongside guitarist Ivan Munguia (Arkaik, Deeds Of Flesh), vocalist Riley McShane (Son Of Aurelius), bassist Nick Willbrand (Flesh Consumed) and drummer Spencer Edwards (Son Of Aurelius). Together the CONTINUUM collective provides a sound that rocks the very foundation of modern death metal."  

"The Hypothesis" will be released via Unique Leader Records on April 21st, 2015.


Blackened death doom metal band Grey Skies Fallen will release the "Introspective/Along Came Life" album. The album is a compilation of two previously released EP. Here is the press statement:
"GREY SKIES FALLEN's new "Introspective/Along Came Life" CD, manifesting two prior digital EPs from the New York City-area blackened death/doom metal outfit in a digipak physical form for the first time, is out now directly through the band."

"The fourth release from GREY SKIES FALLEN, the four-song "Along Came Life" EP, was released in 2010, recorded during tumultuous times for the band. This is the last recording with original member Joe D'Angelo on guitar, and sitting in on bass was Paul LaPlaca (October Thorns, Zandelle). Two years later, they released the three-song "Introspective" EP, the 2012 recording captured at a point when the band was technically a three-piece, with Dave Case (Helmet, Afterbirth) providing bass tracks. This EP features the twenty-one minute title track, perhaps the most ambitious recording from the band to date. Both recorded at Keith Moore at his Audio Playground in Patchogue, New York, together, these "lost EPs" fill the void between GSF LPs, bridging 2006's Two Way Mirror, and 2014's The Many Sides of Truth, and now see rebirth in one deluxe digipak CD, displaying the artwork by Travis Smith in a physical delivery for the first time."

"GREY SKIES FALLEN continues to write new material for their follow-up LP to "The Many Sides Of Truth" and other possible prior mini-releases in 2015. Additional news on their upcoming actions for the rest of the year will be announced shortly, including new regional tour dates from the band."