lunes, 9 de marzo de 2015


Australian brutal death metal band Omnioid will release their new album entitled "Womb of Infirmity" on March 10th. The album is the debut full length release by the band and the follow up to their "Scultpures of Malignancy" EP released in 2013. "Womb of Infirmity" will be released through Ghastly Music and will feature the following tracks:
1. Extrinsic Absorption  
2. Schizoid Embolism  
3. Expediting Neural Passages  
4. Pathogenic Neurosis  
5. Cerebral Anomaly  
6. Paradoxical Vertigo  
7. Womb of Infirmity  
8. Convulsive Cranial Birth  
9. Cultivating Putridity  
10. Sculptures of Malignancy  
11. Earthly Tomb  
12. Organic Flesh Terrene  
13. Dissolving Human Existence  
14. Abysmal Infinite...


Italian brutal death metal band Sickening will release their new album, entitled "The Beyond" on March 10th. The album is the third full length release by the band and the follow up to their "Against the Wall of Pretence" album released in 2011. "The Beyond" was recorded at MathLab Studio in Pistoia and mixed and mastered by Stefano Morabito at 16th Cellar Studio in Rome. "The Beyond" will feature the following tracks:
1. Into the Unknown  
2. Crucified by Preconception
3. The Passage  
4. Condemned Blind  
5. The Slow Pace of Suffering
6. ...and Then New Light  
7. The Prophecies of Eibon  
8. Beyond the Threshold  
9. Descent into the Abyss


Canadian death metal masters Gorguts have just rereleased their albums "Obscura", originally released in 1998, and "From Wisdom to Hate", released in 2001, on vinyl format. The re-release is done through Century Media Records. The Gorguts re-releases will feature the following tracks:
"Obscura" tracklist:
1. Obscura
2. Earthly Love
3. The Carnal State
4. Nostalgia
5. The Art of Sombre Ecstasy
6. Clouded
7. Subtle Body
8. Rapturous Grief
9. La vie est prélude... (La mort orgasme)
10. Illuminatus
11. Faceless Ones
12. Sweet Silence

"From Wisdom to Hate" tracklist:
 Side A
1. Inverted
2. Behave Through Mythos
3. From Wisdom to Hate
4. The Quest for Equilibrium
Side B
5. Unearthing the Past
6. Elusive Treasures
7. Das Martyrium des...
8. Testimonial Ruins