lunes, 16 de marzo de 2015


Brazilian thrash metal band Executer has just released a video for the track "Helliday". The tune comes from the band´s latest album, entitled "Helliday" that was released in 2014. You can check the video below


Johnstown, Pennsylvania death metal band Funerus will release a new EP, entitled "The Black Death" on March 17th. The EP is the sixth release in the band´s career (the band released three demos and two full lengths too). The EP will be released on 7" vinyl through Dark Descent Records. "The Black Death" will feature the following tracks:
1. The Black Death  
2. The Minding  
3. On the Edge of Death


Greek technical death metal band Sickening Horror will release their new album, entitled "Overflow" on March 17th. The album is the band´s third full length release and the follow up to their "The Dead End Experiment" album released in 2009. The album will be released through Deepsend Records and will feature the following tracks:
1. Interstellar
2. The Winter That Never Came
3. The Day the Worms Became Kings  
4. Fractal Maze  
5. Red Pill Initiation  
6. I, Explorer in Akashic Fields
7. Of Lives Never Lived  
8. Versus Entropia  
9. May the Ground Not Receive Thee


Union, New Jersey thrash metal band Fantom Warior will rerelease their new demo entitled "Morbid Invasion" on March 17th. The demo was originally released in 1986 and this time will be released in 12" vinyl. The demo will be rereleased through Electric Assault Records. 100 copies include the tape version with the original J-card design. The re-release include a booklet of rare photos and flyers, not seen outside of the band's circle, an interview conducted by former Slayer zine editor Jon "Metallion" Kristiansen. The "Morbid Invasion" re-release will include the following tracks:

Side A
1. Morbid Invasion
2. Power Thrash  
3. Take No Prisoners

Side B
4. P.T.M.
5. Kill Rip Destroy