miércoles, 18 de marzo de 2015


Portland, Oregon death metal band Triumvir Foul will release their demo entitled "An Oath of Blood and Fire" on March 20th. The demo is the debut release by the band.and will be released in 7" vinyl. The demo will be released in 300 copies through Godz ov War Productions. 100 pieces will feature printed insert on black vinyl and embroidered patch and the other 200 pieces will have a printed insert on black vinyl. "An Oath of Blood and Fire" will feature the following tracks:

Side A
1. The Vacuum of Knots  
2. Abhorrent Depths 

Side B
3. Silence Continuum 
4. Embalmed (Autopsy Cover)


Dutch folk viking metal band Heidevolk will release their new album entitled "Velua" on March 20th. The album is the fifth full length release by the band and the follow up to their "Batavi" album released in 2012. "Velua" will be released through Napalm Records and will feature the following tracks:
1. Winter woede
2. Herboren in vlammen
3. Urth 
4. De hallen van mijn vaderen
5. De vervloekte jacht
6. Het dwalende licht
7. Drankgelag
8. Velua
9. Een met de storm
10. Richting de Wievenbelter
11. In het diepst der nacht 
12. Vinland 


Experimental death metal band Vidian will release their new album, entitled "Transgressing the Horizon" on March 19th. The album is the band´s second full length release and the follow up to their 2011 full length "Irrelevant Nonsense Machine Element". "Transgressing the Horizon" will be released independently and will feature the following tracks:
1. V1: Control  
2. V2: Overdose  
3. V3: A Sad Place for Hopeless People  
4. V4: Breathe Out  
5. V5: It's Like It Cannot Be Broken  
6. V6: Temporary Life  
7. V7: Transgressing  
8. V8: The Horizon