sábado, 25 de abril de 2015


Ukrainian pagan black metal band Paganland will release their new album "Fatherland" on April 27th. The new album is the band´s second full length release and the follow up to their "Wind of Freedom" full length released in 2013. "Fatherland"  will be released through Svarga Music and will feature the following tracks:
1. Світанок нової доби (The Dawn of a New Era)
2. Голос Карпат (The Voice of the Carpathians)
3. Крізь холод зими (Through the Winter Coldness)  
4. Зоряний шлях (Stellar Path)
5. Слово рідне, орле скутий (Native Word! Shackled Eagle!) 
6. Незгасле полум'я слави (The Eternal Fire of Fame)  
7. Вітчизна (Fatherland)


Italian thrash metal band Ultra-Violence will release their new album, entitled "Deflect the Flow" on April 27th. The new album is the second full length release in the band´s career and the follow up to their debut album "Privilege to Overcome" released in 2013. "Deflect The Flow" will be released through Candlelight Records and will feature the following tracks:
1. Burning Through the Scars
2. Why So Serious?
3. Gavel's Bang
4. Lost in Decay
5. In the Name of Your God
6. A Second Birth
7. The Checkered Sun
8. Don't Burn the Witch (Venom cover)
9. The Way I'll Stay
10. Fractal Dimension


The incarnation of legendary band Venom that featured classical guitarist Jeff "Mantas" Dunn, drummer Anthony "Abaddon" Bray and the addition of Tony "Demolition Man" Dolan on bass and vocals has reunited with the name Venom Inc. This incarnation of the band delivered three albums: "Prime Evil" in 1989, "Temples of Ice" in 1991 and "The Waste Lands" in 1992. The band will make its live debut in the Keep It True Festival in Germany.