martes, 19 de mayo de 2015


Death metal masters Skinless are streaming the track "Barbaric Proclivity". The tune comes from the band´s new album "Only The Ruthless Remain" that will be released in two weeks. The album was recorded by Tom Case at Edie Road Studio and Doomsday Bunker Studio, with vocals tracked by Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage, Primitive Man) at Flatline Audio in Denver, Colorado, and mastered by Brad Boatright (Obituary, Nails, Integrity) at Audiosiege in Portland, Oregon. The album is the first band´s full length album in almost a decade.
You can check the stream below:


Death metal band Anatomy Of I featuring vocalist/guitarist Michael Dorrian, bassist Steve DiGiorgio (Sadus, Death, Testament) and drummer Dirk Verbeuren (Scarve, Soilwork), will release a Special Edition of their debut album "Substratum", originally released in 2011. the band has made a teaser video available (check it below). The album will be available on May 25th through Punishment 18 Records. It will contain bonus tracks consisting of two remixed and remastered songs and one exclusive new song.


Italian folk metal band Kanseil will release their new album, entitled "Doin Earde" on May 20th. The new album is the debut full length release by the band and the follow up to their "Tzimbar Bint" demo released in 2012. "Doin Earde" will be released through Nemeton records in a limited edition of 100 copies. "Doin Earde" will feature the following tracks:
1. Lo Spirito della Notte
2. Ciada Delàmis
3. Dòin Earde
4. Panevìn
5. Ais un Snea
6. Mažaròl
7. Bus de la Lùm
8. Bosc da Rème
9. Tzimbar Bint
10. La Sera
11. Vajont


Danish heavy thrash metal band Velociter will release a new EP entitled "Heir of Solitude" on May 20th. The new EP is the third release in the band´s career, being the EP "Hangar of Doom" released in 2013 and the single "Heir of Solitude" released in 2014, the other two releases. "Heir of Solitude" will be released independently and will feature the following tracklist:
1. Shadowbreed  
2. Room 309
3. Mental Suicide 
4. The Long Parade to the Graveyard 
5. Heir of Solitude


Spanish atmospheric black metal band Perennial Isolation will release their new album entitled "Astral Dream" today May 19th. The new album will be released in a limited edition of 500 copies through Darkwoods Records and was recorded, mixed and mastered at AXtudio (Barcelona) in the winter of 2014. The album will feature also clean vocals on the track "The Fool" by Norax (Lvx Divina). The album´s artwork & layout was done by el dios perezoso for PuertaOskura (, Winter 2015. "Astral Dream" features the following tracks:
1. Alone against all
2. Memory
3. Astral dream
4. Cold inside
5. Transcendence
6. Towards the unknown senses
7. The fool
8. A path between space and time I
9. A path between space and time II
10. A path between space and time III


Swedish death metal band Gutter Instinct will release their new EP entitled "The Insurrection" today May 19th. The new EP is the second release in the band´s career and the follow up to their "Obedience" demo released in 2013. The EP will be released in 12" vinyl through Prosthetic Records. "The Insurrection" will feature the following tracks:

Side A
1. War Command  
2. Under the Scythe 

Side B
3. The Invisble Hand
4. We Hate You