martes, 2 de junio de 2015


Canadian black thrash metal band Megiddo will release their new album, entitled "The Holocaust Messiah" on June 3rd. The new album is the band´s third full length release and the follow up to their "The Atavism of Evil" album released in 2002. The band also released three split releases in 2003 and a compilation in 2014. "The Holocaust Messiah" will be released through Barbarian Wrath Records and will feature the following tracks:
1. Intro
2. Tombs
3. Onslaught Eternal  
4. Fourth Seal
5. Spawn Of Abel
6. Walpurgisnacht
7. Thrall
8. The Holocaust Messiah
9. Outro


Here is the promotion statement:

Chicago/Baltimore-based avant black/industrial experimental trio, LOCRIAN, has issued “An Index Of Air,” the first single from their impending Infinite Dissolution LP.

Amidst their nearly two-dozen releases over the past decade, "Infinite Dissolution" will mark LOCRIAN’s second album for the diverse Relapse roster as it hits the street in late July, amidst the band’s celebration of its tenth anniversary. One of the most determined tracks on Infinite Dissolution, the nearly eight-minute-long “An Index Of Air” is subdivided into three movements — i. Divinations, ii. Air Structures, iii. and Watcher Of The Clouds — the track encompassing the apex of the record. The track delivers a permeating vision of our planet in environmental peril, as does the rest of the album, which is inspired by the book, “The Sixth Extinction,” a futurist look at the current mass extinction of Earth which our generation attempts to thrive within every day. LOCRIAN is here joined by Dana Schechter of Insect Ark on slide guitar and Erica Burgner-Hannum of The Holy Circle on vocals, whose contributions help shape the segments of the song.

Issues LOCRIAN on the intense track, “’An Index Of Air’ was written as a three part suite with the first part, ‘Divinations,’ being the calling forth of the atmosphere and trying to read the future from it. ‘Air Structures’ takes its name from a Brian Eno/Robert Fripp live bootleg but is a narrative about the realization that the air being called forth will kill us and that we have brought this on ourselves. And ‘Watcher Of The Clouds’ is a play on the Genesis song ‘Watcher Of The Skies,’ but is also the shift in narrative voice where we predict a new atmosphere must be formed after humanity is extinct.”

The soundtrack to the planet’s ongoing collapse comes by way of LOCRIAN’s “An Index Of Air” playing through Relapse Records’ Soundcloud HERE and YouTube HERE.

Infinite Dissolution, another dark and cinematic work of exceptional aural artistry from LOCRIAN’s André Foisy, Terence Hannum and Steven Hess, presents nearly fifty minutes of material more epic and foreboding than anything in the trio’s extensive catalog. Recorded at Steve Albini-owned/operated Electrical Audio in Chicago, produced by Greg Norman (Pelican, Russian Circles), mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, and with artwork based on a massive installation by sculptor David Altmejd, Infinite Dissolution is a multi-part concept album dealing with the struggle of human extinction; a seamless and harrowing blend of dark ambience, drone, black metal, post-rock, and power electronics, and the perfect manifestation of modern, forward-thinking experimental music.

Infinite Dissolution will see North American release on July 24th, 2015 on CD, vinyl and digital formats.


Skinless are streaming their new album "Only the Ruthless Remains" in its entirety on Decibel Magazine. Below is the press release:

"On the eve of its official North American detonation, today the head-crushers at Decibel Magazine spew forth SKINLESS‘ "Only The Ruthless Remain" full-length in its debilitating entirety!

Featuring their iconic, late ’90s lineup of founding guitarist Noah Carpenter, vocalist Sherwood Webber, bassist Joe Keyser and drummer Bob Beaulac, with the recent addition of second guitarist, Dave Matthews, Only The Ruthless Remain marks the band’s first proper full-length offering in nearly a decade and has been reaping the adulation of critics both stateside and abroad.

Offers Decibel of the release: “The weak have been trampled, the dead hurdled, and now Glens Falls’ preeminent gorehound sickos are back where they should be: tearing open the pit and your face simultaneously.”

Sample "Only The Ruthless Remain" in all its sadistic glory, now playing at Decibel HERE.

Only The Ruthless Remain was captured by Tom Case at Edie Road Studio and Doomsday Bunker Studio, both in upstate New York, with vocals tracked by Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage, Primitive Man etc.) at Flatline Audio in Denver, Colorado, and the entire slab of audio violence mastered by Brad Boatright (Obituary, Nails, Integrity etc.) at Audiosiege in Portland, Oregon. The record includes artwork by Ken Sarafin and will be unleashed on CD, LP and digitally via Relapse Records on June 2nd, 2015 in North America. Limited Relapse 25 Year Anniversary editions of the CD and LP will also be available. "