jueves, 4 de junio de 2015


Black death metal band from Philippines, Deipghago, will release their new album "Into the Eye of Satan" on June 6th. The album is the fourth full length release in the band´s career and the follow up to their "Satan Alpha Omega" album released in 2012. The album was recorded at The Thousand Caves Studios, Queens, NY, USA on December 2014 and was produced by: Colin Marston and Deiphago. "Into the Eye of Satan" was engineered, mixed and mastered by Colin Marston and will be released on 12" vinyl through Hells Headbangers Records. The album will feature the following tracks:

Side A - 6
1. Intro: Obliteration  
2. Evil and Adverse  
3. Bloodbath of Genocide  
4. (6 x 6 x 6) / 3  
5. Serpentine Anti-world
Side B - 66
6. Calculated Acts of Cruelty  
7. Red Dragon of Chaos  
8. Ritual Death of the Enemy  
9. Into the Eye of Satan


Stoner doom metal band Goatsnake releases their new album "Black Age Blues". Here is the press release:

GOATSNAKE’s mighty first LP to see release in fifteen years, "Black Age Blues", is available now worldwide through Southern Lord Recordings! In stores now, the crushing album is also streaming in its entirety, as the band continues their European tour in support of their thunderous new works.

Amidst the waves of press that has been rolling in on Black Age Blues ahead of its release, A.V. says the album is, “an undeniable reminder that GOATSNAKE is doom royalty,” and in a review of the early single, “Elevated Man,” the Chicago Reader issues, “they make it clear that nothing has changed in their absence: heavy-as-hell, monster guitar riffs channel Tony Iommi’s best, and the bridge is topped off with a rough-around-the-edges harmonica solo… maximum volume is highly recommended.” The Obelisk brought a massive slab of praise to the album, offering in part, “on paper the patterns are simple, but what the band does with them is nothing short of breathtaking, even aside from the simple appeal the album carries with it for fans through the simple fact of its existence. Sounds like hyperbole, but the blessings Black Age Blues bestows are not to be undervalued either for their heaviness or the individual presence at work behind them, and five years after their first reunion set, 15 years after their last album, GOATSNAKE may be the most vital they’ve ever been.” LA Weekly, in an interview with guitarist Greg Anderson on the album, included, “Whether it’s because of the aforementioned life experiences or simply because their skills as musicians and songwriters are better honed, Black Age Blues is the most substantial release of GOATSNAKE’s career. Musically, there is more of an infectious blues edge to their take on the classic Sabbath blueprint… GOATSNAKE’s heavy rock is more palatable on Black Age Blues than on previous efforts.”

Black Age Blues on CD, 2xLP in a Stoughton gatefold jacket with two exclusive bonus tracks and more can be ordered at the new Goatsnake store, and the album is available digitally via BandCamp and iTunes.

GOATSNAKE’s Black Age Blues closes a fifteen-year gap between full-length albums from the revered act, without a doubt making it one of the most highly anticipated doom/metal releases of 2015. With nearly fifty minutes of their most soulful yet boisterous material to date, the quartet expands their already mammoth tones and pummeling rock riffs with a variety of additional influences and elements, and guest contributions from a variety of players including David Pajo (Slint, Aerial M, Papa M) and soul vocal trio Dem Preacher’s Daughters, comprised of Wendy Moten, Gale Mayes and Andrea Merrit. Black Age Blues is an instant classic, with each one of the nine songs an anthem, and each of the four members of GOATSNAKE in top form. Everything is magnified; the vocals of Pete Stahl (Scream) vocals have never sounded so powerful, the rhythm section comprised of Greg Rogers (The Obsessed) on drums and Scott Renner on bass is the driving force on each track, and the riffs of guitarist Greg Anderson (SunnO))), Southern Lord Recordings) are heavier than ever before. Recorded and mixed at Rock Falcon Franklin, Tennessee by Nick Raskulinecz (Queens Of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Alice In Chains, Mastodon, Rush) and mastered by Brian Big Bass Gardner (N.W.A., Stevie Wonder, Parliament), the production values of Black Age Blues back the top-notch musicianship, creating a seriously unstoppably entertaining album.


Baltimore, Maryland death thrash metal band Noisem will release their latest album "Blossoming Decay" on vinyl on June 6th. The album is the band´s second album and was released on april tis year "Blossoming Decay" is the follow up to the band´s debut album "Agony Defined" released in 2013 and the "Consumed" EP released in 2014. The new album will be released through A 389 Recordings as the CD edition. "Blossoming Decay" features the folowing tracks:
1. Trail of Perturbation
2. Burning
3. 1132
4. Replant and Repress
5. Hostile End - Hollow Life
6. Cascade of Scars
7. Another Night Sleeping in the Cold
8. Graining Enamel
9. Blossoming of the Web


New Brunswick, New Jersey technical death metal band Dystrophy will release their new album "Wretched Host" on June 6th. The new album is the second full length release in the band´s career and the follow up to their "Chains of Hypocrisy" debut album released in 2010 and the split with Dethroned Emperor released in 2012. The album was tracked and mixed at One Stone Recording Studio and Mastered at West West Side Music. "Wretched Host" will be released independently and will feature the following tracks:
1. Apex
2. Singularity
3. Within the Mind
4. Exoparasite
5. Wretched Host
6. Demise
7. Anhedonia
8. Nadir