miércoles, 8 de julio de 2015


Italian one man black metal band Vardan will release its new album, entitled "Winter Woods" on July 10th. The new album is Vardan´s thirteenth full length album and the follow up to their "Despicable Broken Hope" album released earlier in 2015. "Winer Woods" will be released through Moribund Records and will feature the following tracks:
1.     Winter Woods - Pt. 1    
2.     Winter Woods - Pt. 2
3.     Uroborus Black Circle    
4.     Cold Night of My Soul    
5.     The Cry of Dying Forests


Waltham, Massachussets brutal death metal band Dysentery will release their new album, entitled "Fragments" on July 10th. The new album is the band´s third full length release and the follow up to their "Internal Devastation" album released in 2011. "Fragments" will be released through Comatose Music and will feature the following tracks:
1.     Onset
2.     Led to Terminal Ignorance 
3.     Paranoid Division
4.     Grave Evolution    
5.     Reflection of Repugnance    
6.     Invocation of Parallel Bloodlet  7.     Neurological Snare
8.     Immersed into Misanthropic Turmoil
9.     Veiled Narcissism    
10.     Within Descending Skies They Will Suffer 
11.     Voice of Deprivation        
12.     Divinity from the Void
13.     Oblivion


Indonesian death metal band Pargochy will re-release their EP, entitled "Shackles of Revenge" on July 10th. The EP is the band´s first release and was originally released in January 2014. The EP was released independently in 2014 and now will be released through Hitam Kelam label. "Shackles of Revenge" features the following tracks:
1.     Dignity        
2.     Shackles of Revenge    
3.     Lisoi (Trio Ambisi cover)    
4.     Tempest Wrath