martes, 21 de julio de 2015


German death doom metal band Doomentor will release their new EP, entitled "The Second Ceremony" on July 24th. The new EP is the second release in the band´s career and the follow up to their "Doomentor" demo released in 2014. "The Second ceremony" will be released on 7" vinyl through Iron Bonehead Productions and will feature the following two tracks:

Side A
1.     Maligne    
Side B
2.     Nocturniae Monumentalis


Progressive technical death metal band from Philadelphia, Alustrium will release their new album entitled "A Tunnel to Eden" on July 24th. The new album is the band´s second full length release and the follow up to their "An Absence of Clarity" debut album released in 2011. Guitars and bass were recorded at Dungeon Audio in Doylestown, PA and drums and vocals were recorded at Atrium Audio in Lancaster, PA. "A Tunnel to Eden" will be released independently and will feature the following tracks:
1.     A Tunnel to Eden    
2.     The Atheist Phenomenon    
3.     In His Own Image    
4.     Wander    
5.     Slackjaw
6.     Procreate, Eviscerate    
7.     My Possesor    
8.     Lucid Intervals
9.     The Illusion of Choice I: Genesis    
10.     The Illusion of Choice II: Eros    
11.     The Illusion of Choice III: Thanatos