jueves, 20 de agosto de 2015


Norwegian black metal band Den Saakaldte will re-release their classic album "All Hail Pesimism" on August 21st. The album is the band´s second full length release originally released in 2009. The album originally released Niklas Kvarforth from Shining, Disharmony guitarist Syklig and 1349 bassist Seidemann. The re-release will be done in A5 digibook format and will feature the following tracks:
1.     Audhumla    
2.     La vinteren vare evig    
3.     Vandringen    
4.     Satans synder    
5.     Frykten for det opprinnelige øde    
6.     Samma skrot, samma korn    
7.     Drikke ens skål    
8.     Mesias    
9.     Den endelige tankens ufravikelige konsekvens    
10.     Jag ar den fallna


Japanese doom death metal classic band Coffins will release their new EP "Craving To Eternal Slumber" on August 21st. The new Ep is the fourth release that the band has done in 2015, being the first three a split with Unholy Grave, another one with  Butcher ABC and a compilation entitled "Perpetual Penance". "Craving to eternal Slumber" will be released through Hammerheart America and will feature the following tracks:
1.     Hatred Storm     
2.     Tyrant    
3.     Craving to Eternal Slumber    
4.     Stairway to Torment    
5.     An Obscure Pain    
6.     Decapitated Crawl


Finnish melodic death metal band Wolfheart featuring former Beyond the Dawn guitarist/vocalist Tuomas Saukkonen, will release their new album, entitled "Shadow World" on August 21st. The new album is the band´s second full length release and the follow up to their debut album "Winterborn" released in 2013. "Shadow World" will be released through Spinefarm Records and will feature the following tracks:
1.     Aeon of Cold     
2.     Zero Gravity     
3.     Storm Centre     
4.     Last of All Winters
5.     Nemesis    
6.     Abyss    
7.     Resistance    
8.     Veri