viernes, 2 de octubre de 2015


Taken from their 1990 classic album "Cowboys from Hell", released through Atco Records. Recorded at Pantego Sound Studio, Pantego, Texas. Mixed at the Carriage House, Stamford, Connecticut. Mastered at Masterdisk, New York City.


British doom metal band Iron Void will release their new album "Doomsday" on October 3rd. The new album is the band´s second full length release and the follow up to their "Iron Void" debut album released in 2014. "Doomsday" was recorded at Skyhammer Studio, Cheshire, UK and will be released through Doomanoid Records. "Doomsday" will feature the following tracks:
1. Doomsday  
2. Path to Self Destruction  
3. The Devil's Daughter  
4. Lost Faith
5. Gates of Hell  
6. Eys for an Eye 
7. The Answer Unknown  
8. Colosseum  
9. Fire Nerve  
10. King of Utopia  
11. Upon the Mountain


Polish black metal band Outre will release their new album, entitled "Ghost Chants" on October 3rd. the new album is the band´s debut full length release and the follow up to their split CD with Thaw released in 2013. "Ghost Chants" was recorded in No Solace and Impressive Art studios and will be released on cassette through Medusa Crush Records in a limited edition of 100 copies. The first 50 copies will come with a poster. "Ghost Chants" will feature the following tracks:

Side A
1. Chant 1. - Departure
2. Chant 2. - Shadow
3. Chant 3. - The Fall
4. Chant 4. - Lament

Side B
5. Chant 5. - Equilibrium
6. Chant 6. - Vengeance
7. Chant 7. - Arrival


German black metal band Totenburg will rerelease their demo entitled "Peststurm" on October 3rd. "Peststurm" was the band´s first demo originally released in 1998. The re-release will be done through Hammerbund Records in a very limited edition of 100 copies on CD with different cover art. "Peststurm" features the following tracks:
1. Peststurm
2. Schwarzer Geist
3. Leichenfrost
4. Swastika  
5. Verdammnis