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Spanish death metal masters Avulsed will release their new album "Deathgeneration" on November 1st. The new album is the follow up to their "Ritual Zombi" released in 2013. "Deathgeneration" will be released through Xtreem Music (check tracks and links below):

Los maestros españoles del death metal Avulsed lanzará su nuevo álbum "Deathgeneration" el 1° de noviembre. El nuevo álbum es el sucesor de su "Ritual Zombi" lanzado en 2013. "Deathgeneration" será editado a través del sello Xtreem Music y contendrá los siguientes temas:

1. Amidst the Macabre
2. Stabwound Orgasm
3. Breaking Hymens
4. Sweet Lobotomy
5. Burnt But Not Carbonized
6. Daddy Stew
7. Addicted to Carrion
8. Dead Flesh Awakened
9. Powdered Flesh
10. Gorespattered Suicide
11. Nullo (The Pleasure of Self-Mutilation)
12. Exorcismo Vaginal
13. Carnivoracity
14. Sick Sick Sex
15. Devourer of the Dead
16. Horrified by Repulsion
17. Blessed by Gore
18. Red Viscera Serology

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