sábado, 5 de agosto de 2017


Kentucky brutal death metal band DEHUMANIZE will release their new album "That Which is Sown" on August 18th. The new album is the debut full length release by the band and the follow up to their singles "Malicious Parasitic Virulency" and "Tomes of Splintered Skulls" released in 2017. "That Which is Sown" will be released through Mortuus Music (check tracks and links below).

La banda de brutal death metal de Kentucky DEHUMANIZE lanzará su nuevo álbum "That Which is Sown" el 18 de agosto. El nuevo álbum es el debut larga duración de la banda y el sucesor de los simples "Malicious Parasitic Virulency" y "Tomes of Splintered Skulls" lanzados en 2017. "That Which is Sown" será editado a través del sello (check tracks and links below).

1. Behold, His Wrath Cometh!
2. Tomes of Splintered Skulls
3. Pecking Apart the Carrion
4. Malicious Parasitic Virulency
5. Torturous Inclination
6. Purification Through Bile and Gore
7. That Which Is Sown, Must Be Reaped
8. Torment
9. Proclamation of Ethereal Rebuking
10. The Evisceration of Man

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