lunes, 7 de agosto de 2017


Canadian death thrash metal band PHYLACTERY will release their new album "Necromancy Enthroned" on August 18th. The new album is the debut full length release by the band and the follow up to "Demo 2016". "Necromancy Enthroned" will be released through Unspeakable Axe Records (check tracks and links below).

La banda canadiense de death thrash metal PHYLACTERY lanzará su nuevo álbum "Necromancy Enthroned" el 18 de agosto. El nuevo álbum es el debut larga duración de la banda y el sucesor de su "Demo 2016". "Necromancy Enthroned" será editado a través del sello Unspeakable Axe Records (Pueden ver temas y enlaces debajo).

1. Risen Restless Dead
2. Wisdom of Heretics
3. Fulminations
4. Morbid Existence
5. King of Ruin
6. Where I Dwell
7. Enslaved by the Dawn
8. Eyes of Fear and Flame
9. Bubonic Undeath
10. Unholy Empire
11. Eat of My Disease

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