domingo, 10 de mayo de 2020


Polish death thrash masters VADER have released an official visualizer for the track "Bones". The tune is part of the band`s new album "Solitude in Madness" that was released on May 1st through Nuclear Blast Records. "Solitude in Madness" is the band`s 16th album and was recorded in the Grindstone Studios in Suffolk, England. You can check Vader here:


Italian brutal death metal band DEVANGELIC will release their new album "Ersetu" on May 15th through Willowtip Records. The album is the band`s third full length and the follow up to their "Phlegethon" from 2017. "Ersetu" is Akkadian, and in English means "Mesopotamian Underworld" or "Realm of the Dead". The allbum will feature the following tracks:
1. Swarm of Serpents
2. Upon the Wrath of Divinities
3. Eyes of Abzû
4. Subterranean Revelations
5. Embalmed in Visceral Fluids
6. Throne of Larvae
7. Vomiting the Infected
8. Sigils of Fallen Abominations
9. Cryptic Resurrection