domingo, 31 de mayo de 2015


Swedish heavy metal band Witch Blade will release their new album, entitled "Oskuldernas Eld" on June 1st. The new album is the band´s full length debut and the follow up to their Witch Blade demo released in 2013. "Oskuldernas Eld" will be released through Swords and Chains Records and will feature the following tracks:
1. Ljusets apostel (Apostle of Light)
2. Djävulens svärd (Devil's Sword)
3. Oskuldernas eld (Virgin's Fire)
4. Ondskans mästare (Master of Evil)
5. Fjärrans krig (Distant War)
6. Nattens synder (Sins of the Night)
7. Mörkrets tempel (Temple of Darkness)
8. Witch Blade (Häxsvärd)

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