jueves, 28 de mayo de 2015


Italian symphonic black metal band Stormlord will re-release their wlbum "Mare Nostrum" on May 29th. The album, originally released in 2008, was the fourth full length release in the band´s career. "MAre Nostrum" will be re-released through Trollzorn Records and will feature tracks from the band´s 2007 demo and also a live version of the title track. The "MAre Nostrum" re-release features the following tracks:
1. Mare Nostrum
2. Neon Karma
3. Legacy of the Snake
4. Emet
5. The Castaway
6. Scorn
7. And the Wind Shall Scream My Name
8. Dimension: Hate
9. Stormlord
10. Neon Karma (Demo 2007)
11. Mare Nostrum (Demo 2007)  
12. Legacy of the Snake (Demo 2007)  
13. Dimension: Hate (Demo 2007)  
14. Mare Nostrum (Live on Radio 2014) 

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