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Colorado's SPECTRAL VOICE has announced the impending release of their much-anticipated new album, Sparagmos. Clocking in at over 45 minutes long, Sparagmos features 4 soul-disturbing tracks of abyssal death/doom.

The band has posted a video for the song "Red Feasts Condensed into One." Watch it now at this location.

Dark Descent Records will release Sparagmos on CD, vinyl, cassette, and digital formats on February 9, 2024. Pre-order the album at:


US Store:

EU Store:


1. Be Cadaver 

2. Red Feasts Condensed Into One

3. Sinew Censer

4. Death's Knell Rings in Eternity

SPECTRAL VOICE's Sparagmos unfolds as a momentous second full-length offering under the banner of Dark Descent Records, marking the culmination of a period devoted to katabatic immersion into the material. The title itself, alluding to the Dionysian rite of being torn limb from limb, sets the stage for a profound exploration of life, death, and the untamed essence within.

"The content of the album oscillates between lamentation and exaltation. An immersive, morbid atmosphere of funereality longs for the liberation of death and mourns the agony of life. Coupled with moments of frenetic madness, grandeur, terror, and ecstasy, the point we are trying to get to is the moment in which - through sacrifice - atavistic wildness is unleashed, and the ultimate exaltation of life through death is realized," reflects drummer/vocalist E. Wendler. 

Influences drawn from the esoteric realms of death, black, doom metal, dark ambient, and arcane literature converge to shape SPECTRAL VOICE's most realized manifestation. Featuring the sonic prowess of M. Kolontyrsky (guitar), P. Riedl (guitar), and J. Barrett (bass) – also of Blood Incantation fame - alongside the drummer/vocalist E. Wendler, SPECTRAL VOICE weaves a sonic tapestry with a level of excellence that surpasses even their own formidable standards. 

Sparagmos unquestionably stands as a definitive death metal highlight of 2024.

The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Arthur Rizk at Redwood Studio, with artwork by Manifester.


M. Kolontyrsky - Guitar

P. Riedl - Guitar

J. Barrett - Bass

E. Wendler - Drums/Vocals




Release Date: December 1st, 2023

FFO: Type O Negative, Black Sabbath, Katatonia

Location: Liechtenstein

Black Reuss is a one-man music project led by Maurizio Dottore, who handles everything from music composition to production and lyrics. For the third album, titled "Arrival," Black Reuss has collaborated with several talented musicians. Notably, Diego Rapacchietti from the legendary Swiss band Coroner and David Vetsch, formerly of The Beauty of Gemina, lent their skills to the project, with Vetsch playing all the bass guitars on the album. The album also features a duet with the renowned singer Anna Murphy, formerly of Eluveitie and now with Cellar Darling. Together, Black Reuss and Murphy perform the song "Soul Awakening." The album promises to be a departure from ancient preferences and a natural denial, leading listeners on a journey through the darkness of the divine towards the arrival.

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Release Date: 12/15/23

Genre Description: Black Metal

FFO: Gaerea, Watain, Leviathan

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Vakaren started in late 2015 as a Raw Black Metal band. The band recorded several demos in complete isolation from the underground music scene. In 2018 Vakaren was picked up by the legendary underground label, Les Fleurs Du Mal, for the public release of their now sold-out Demo I. In early 2019 the band once again worked alongside Les Fleurs Du Mal to release their first album, Aeternum, which promptly sold out. Since the dissolution of Les Fleurs Du Mal Vakaren has been working from the shadows to release their own music as well as working alongside true underground labels such as WitchCvlt Records. The band's later output, while not as raw, still holds the same sinister edge as their earlier works while exploring denser atmospheres and more progressive songwriting styles. This is true Black Metal from the beyond!

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Hermetic Aspect


Label: Archaic Sound


4 panel digi-CD with poster

Note, it's pre-order item!

Release date: 25.01.2024


Limited to 100 black vinyl with poster PRE-ORDER

Note, it's pre-order item!

Release date: 25.01.2024


1.Crimson Dreameth 05:05

2.Relict 04:54

3.Mageelaah Hellcult 2006 07:35

4.Another Crossing 01:56

released December 10, 2023

Recorded in several music studios in Serbia.

Mixed/produced by Andy Classen in Stage One studio.

Cover art by ColdKaos and Aurora Amaris San.




Concentrated Effect of Pharmacy

by Scrobiculus

Label: Deepswarming Bloodmagik


1.Sarah 1 - corrosive effect of pharmacy 01:22

2.Absorbing in lymphatic vomit 01:25

3.Rapidly intoxicated with anxious fluids 01:40

4.Tasteless gulp of cerebrospinal liquid 01:07

5.Torso sarcofagus 01:31

6.Lessons in self-autopsy 03:01

7.Pulverized suppurations 02:52

8.Severed obsessions 01:33

9.Splattered retch 01:44

10.Fester hormonal harvest 02:08

11.Vulgar behavior with decomposed limbs 02:26

12.Blunted excretions 02:34

13.Sarah 2 - concentrated pleasure featuring anomal textures 02:17

"Concentrated Effect of Pharmacy" - is a debut full-length album of a Deathgrind band Scrobiculus.

Scrobiculus is a Carcass-influenced Deathgrind duo from Boryspil.

Zhenya 1 - Drums/Vocals

Zhenya 2 - Guitars/Bass

released December 8, 2023




Dark power metal three piece HYLOXALUS are preparing to unveil their haunting and heavy debut album on January 26th, 2024. Combining ethereal soprano lead vocals with thundering instrumentation and shadowy atmospheres, this is power metal with a difference. 

Today, the band has shared the first taste of the album with new single and video "Dream Chasm." The band comments: "Introducing our new music video for "Dream Chasm", the first single from our new album "Make Me The Heart Of The Black Hole". A slow, powerful banger in which a sleep paralysis demon taunts you." 

HYLOXALUS' luring sound will draw you into the album's opener "He Dies In The Swamp". Unceasing percussion drives the track with inhuman speed, while distorted guitars bring grounding rhythms for ghostly harmonies to soar above. Drift off into the taunting nightmares of "Dream Chasm", but beware the sleep paralysis demons. Instrumental layers in "Undead in Ward 6" make for theatrical offering, aptly portraying a vampiric tale of escaping terminal illness in exchange for eternal life. The final tracks, "Severed From The Reborn Sun" and "Splitter" end the album with a dramatic tale as the protagonist attempts to destroy God. HYLOXALUS' dissonant progressions and fast-rhythms manifest unease and suspense as the epic battle takes place. 


Based out of Edmonton, Canada, HYLOXALUS initially grew from a handful of demos with intentions to explore a melodeath sound. Instead, soprano lead vocals were added and an array of styles bled into the mix. Having been operating as a studio project, 2021 saw HYLOXALUS take to the stage supporting RAVENOUS and the trio subsequently performed at Armstrong Metalfest (2022) and Hyperspace Metalfest (2023).​ The band's first two EPs, released in 2019 and 2021, were musically placed in the realms of 2000s euro power metal but with a moodier edge. Make Me The Heart Of The Black Hole sees the trio develop their sound into FEAR FACTORY/STRAPPING YOUNG LAD riffs meets TRISTANIA, with drumming heavily inspired by RUSH.


Nina Laderoute - vocals

Mike Bell - guitar/bass/synth programming/lead songwriter

Danial Devost - drums







All material recorded by HYLOXALUS

Mixed by drummer Danial Devost

Photo by Charis Windrim

Track Listing: 

1. He Dies In The Swamp

2. Dream Chasm 

3. Beyond The Soil  

4. Undead in Ward 6

5. Sailors Underneath The Waves

6. Severed From The Reborn Sun

7. Splitter




Release Date: TBA 2024

FFO: Pantera, Ozzy, Slayer

Location: Tempe Arizona

ST. MADNESS, formerly known as Crown of Thorns, has a unique history that started in 1993. The band changed its name to ST. MADNESS in September 1997, after finding out that a Christian rock group from New Jersey had already trademarked the name. Based out of Tempe, Arizona, ST. MADNESS has played alongside some of the biggest names in heavy metal, including Van Halen, Monster Magnet, and Gwar. The band has also performed at the 12th and 13th Milwaukee Metalfests. In 2013, ST. MADNESS received the Los Angeles Music Award for Producer's Choice Award for Metal Album of the Year for their album CARNIMETAL. The following year, they were the only metal band featured in the TEMPE HISTORY MUSEUM'S exhibit called, THE TEMPE SOUND. With their impressive track record and unique style, ST. MADNESS is a must-see for all heavy metal fans.

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St. Madness - LAST RITES The Final Blessing - My Music Manifesto

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Artist: Crimson Butchery

Release Title: Repulsive Exhibition

Label: Self-Released

Release Date: October 1, 2023

Format: Digital

Genre: Death Metal

Country: Ireland

"Repulsive Exhibition" is Crimson Butchery's latest album, a tour-de-force in the death metal genre with eight tracks showcasing sheer brutality. The album is a significant step in the band's evolution, elevating their sound to new levels. Featuring the extraordinary talents of session drummer Kevin Talley, known for his work with Dying Fetus, Misery Index, and Chimaira, this album offers an unyielding onslaught of bone-crushing riffs, powerful percussion, and deep guttural vocals. It's a testament to Crimson Butchery's legacy in extreme metal and sets a new benchmark for the genre.


Vocals: Shane (Red) Corcoran

Guitars + Bass: John Roche

Session Drums: Kevin Talley


Super Illuis Specula

Repulsive Exhibition

Mors Ontologica

Necropolis Abortum

Urban Cleansing

Regurgitated Genitals


Sermon Of Suffering

For Fans Of: Dying Fetus, Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Amputated, Decrepit Birth

Recording Info:

Mixed and Mastered by Floor van Kuijk, GLDCHN Studios


Bandcamp: Repulsive Exhibition on Bandcamp

Facebook: Crimson Butchery on Facebook

YouTube: Crimson Butchery on YouTube

Spotify: Crimson Butchery on Spotify

Instagram: Crimson Butchery on Instagram

Apple Music: Crimson Butchery on Apple Music




Release Date: March, 2024

FFO: Asphyx, Pestilence, Dismember

Location: USA

SAPREMIA, the death metal band from New Jersey, USA, is all set to release a vinyl compilation of their 1992 and 1994 demos titled "SUBCONSCIOUS EXISTENCE". The release promises to take fans on a journey back in time to the early days of the band's career. The vinyl compilation will include some of SAPREMIA's most iconic tracks from their early days, showcasing the band's raw and unfiltered sound. This is a must-have for all fans of SAPREMIA and anyone who loves old-school death metal. Stay tuned for more updates on the release date and where to purchase the vinyl.

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Release Date: July 30th, 2022

FFO: Judas Priest, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Slayer, Pantera

Location: Japan via Boston, Ma and Australia 

Formed in 2007, Botolph Dissidents is the project of vocalist, guitarist and band leader Andrew McGuire. Based out of Tokyo, Japan, this three-piece international metal band is comprised of working musicians, that run jam sessions and support local indie bands in the Tokyo area. The soaring vocals, technical metal guitar passages mixed with American East Coast aggression, UK progressive flavored bass lines powered by the Australian outback infused drum engine, blends elements of classic, power, thrash, and groove metal into a classic meets modern listening experience that appeals to listeners of all generations and genres. As for the band name, ‘Botolph’ pays homage to Andrew’s hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. With ‘Boston’ bing a contraction of ‘Saint Botolph’s Town’ and Saint Botolph being the patron saint of travelers, it’s very fitting as all three members are from different countries and background having converged and formed in Tokyo. The ‘Dissidents’ part of the name comes from the fact that the band continues the metal tradition of using music as a form of journalism to address and stand up to the issues of injustice in society.

Now that the pandemic has settled down, the band has finally recorded and released their debut album, ’The Back of the Beyond.’ With the album completed, the band looks forward to touring and introducing themselves to the world, meeting fellow metal bands and gaining fans across the globe.  The album, The Back of the Beyond gives us soaring operatic melodic passages intertwined with passionate aggressive vocals, choruses that hook you in, old school and modern riffs where guitar is king, blazing technical neo-classical solos, time changes, chugging riffs, funky passages, each song is a unique metal journey.  

Botolph Dissidents have a large catalog of songs they will be recording in the future once their debut CD goes into circulation and they build their fan base, bring fans of all generations, cultures and backgrounds together with music being the common bond. 

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