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Infrared is true Canadian thrash metal, which initially started in 1986. After a hiatus, they emerged in 2014 and have put out a handful of albums since then. Their latest offering is the full-length “From the Black Swamp”, which will be released at the end of September. Ahead of this, they are unleashing their second single, “Evil Ascent” with a lyric video.

Watch and listen at https://youtu.be/muZc3HXfFhw

The single “Evil Ascent” is about evildoers trying to brutalize people they feel superior to, again, both at a societal and an interpersonal level. This fast-paced song boasts a tense middle section and a catchy sing-along chorus. The band explains it in their own words:

“On the heels of the title track, “From the Black Swamp”, “Evil Ascent” highlights evildoers and the great lengths they go to wreak havoc on those they feel superior to. It is a creepy ride into the state of human nature in which narcissism reigns supreme. It is a focus on people with evil intent, where they will try to exploit, humiliate, and ultimately crush those around them all for their own selfish gain.”

The cohesiveness of the band is evident, they work together collaboratively bouncing ideas off each other and formulating their recognizable thrash. They start with a riff and with everyone’s input eventually cultivate a full song with lyrical themes about what they know and what they see happening around them and around the world.

Heavily influenced by the Big Four, Infrared plays classic 80s thrash with full-bodied, modern production. They have shared the stage with the likes of Anvil, Sacrifice, Razor, Venom Inc., and Dirkschneider and look forward to melting faces for their first show in over a year and a half in their hometown of Ottawa on November 27th at Mavericks.

Fast, and rowdy, Infrared brings back classic thrash suitable for fans of Metallica, Testament, and Megadeth.

“From the Black Swamp” will be released on September 30, 2021.

Album pre-order - https://infraredmetal.bandcamp.com/album/from-the-black-swamp 

Music Video - From the Black Swamp- https://youtu.be/Crxh_Fwyb7E 

Show Dates:

Nov 27 - Mavericks - Ottawa, ON w/ Enforcer, Thunderdome - info

Track Listing:

1. Tribal Junction – 4:49

2. No Master, No Gods – 4:39

3. Lockdown – 4:02

4. Left Lane F√₵K! – 4:19

5. Eat Your Own – 4:58

6. From the Black Swamp – 6:11

7. Evil Ascent – 5:22

8. Blood & Sweat – 5:04

9. Eternal Exile – 5:09

10. Tradimento – 4:31

11. Beautiful Death – 4:31

12. SemitaDomum – 6:32

Album Length: 1:00:13

Album and Live Band Line Up:

Kirk Gidley – Guitar

Alain Groulx – Drums

Mike Forbes – Bass

Armin Kamal – Vocals, Guitar

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If Infrared sounds like classic thrash metal, that’s because they are! And rightfully so since they were making music as teenagers in the mid to late 80s back when the Big 4 (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax) were just becoming famous. They literally lived and breathed that scene as it was happening and garnered national attention in Canada through their song and video for Thoughts Caught (in Between).

Then....life happened and members took different paths and the music, that was hot in the underground metal scene and loved by demo tape traders near and far, went dormant for 27 years! In 2014 Infrared reunited with 3 of the original 4 members (Kirk, Armin, and Alain), and since original bassist Shawn Thompson had moved to Miami, they recruited Mike Forbes. They worked hard to release their first full-length album, No Peace (2016), featuring songs written all those years ago. 2018 saw Infrared release their sophomore album, Saviours, featuring 8 new songs coming in at just over 50 minutes of music! That was followed up by their 2019 EP, Back to the Warehouse featuring the last of their 80's written songs and released as a bridge to their next full-length album. Now, in 2021, Infrared release their most mature album yet, From the Black Swamp. The album features 12 songs for one hour of hard-hitting and emotionally charged songs steeped in the themes of betrayal and malicious sabotage in all walks of life, from societal to interpersonal. With several high-profile concerts under their belts including opening for Anvil, Sacrifice, Razor, Venom Inc., Dirkschneider, Flotsam and Jetsam, DBC, E-Force, and Atrophy, Infrared raises their horns and looks forward to getting out there to meet and befriend metal lovers everywhere!


2021 – From the Black Swamp - LP

2019 – Back to the Warehouse - EP

2018 – Saviours – LP

2016 – No Peace – LP

1986 – R.I.P. Demo

Shared Stage With:

Anvil, Flotsam and Jetsam, Udo Dirkshneider, Sacrifice, Varathron, DBC, E-Force, Vortex, Atrophy, Venom Inc.




Xtreem Music is proud to have again in our ranks the legendary Canadian thrashers AGGRESSION, who we already released their 3rd album in 2016, and we re-released their classic debut from '87 that same year and now come back to sign with us for the release of their brand new EP "Field of Nightmares", as well as their next album, and different re-issues more. The new EP will be released on CD and Digital formats on October 26th, through Xtreem Music, and most probably also in vinyl format later on.

Formed in 1984, AGGRESSION are without a doubt one of the most legendary Thrash Metal bands from Canada. Their (official) debut album "The Full Treatment" is a classic of the genre, although actually their 1st album "Forgotten Skeleton" was recorded in '86 and remained unreleased until 2004. The band did split up in '89 until in 2014 they officially formed and since then they have released two albums ("Fragmented Spirit Devils" in 2016 and "Feels Like Punk, Sounds Like Thrash" in 2018), a compilation with their demos and this new EP "Field of Nightmares", which will lead to their next 5th album in 2022.

The tracklist for "Field of Nightmares" is as follows:

1. Filtering Doom

2. Poisonous Potion

3. Satanic Angel Holy Devil

4. Possessed by Dawn

5. Dripping Flesh

6. Gambolling With the Undead






Paris based instrumental stoner combo QILIN has signed a licensing deal with Wormholedeath for their album "Petrichor", which is due for release on 19 11 2021 worldwide.

"Like this creature from the Asian mythology from which the band takes its name, Qilin plays a hybrid music alternating between powerful, raw parts and soaring interludes."

FFO: Yawning Man, Domkraft, Stone From The Sky, Glowsun, Spaceslug, Kylesa, Sleep, Yob.

Statement about the album and the signing:

"Petrichor is the culmination of 5 years of friendship and work for us. It does express our energy in its raw and true form as it is today. We are now looking forward to spreading its vibes to the most people and playing it onstage. Carlo has well understood and appreciated it so we would like to thank Wormholedeath records for their trust and positive words about our music."


1 - Through The Fire

2 - Labyrinth

3 - Cold Pine Highway

4 - Sun Strokes The Wall

5 - Myrmidon's Big Jam

6 - Head Of Medusa


From the end of 2019, Qilin has been focused on composing and recording its self-made debut album, Petrichor soon to be re-released via Wormholedeath.

The cover was designed by a known graphic designer of the Parisian Stoner / Doom scene, Jo Riou. The reamping was performed by Christophe Stenström (Slowbot) & Jérôme Richelme (Harps). The mixing and mastering were made by Jérôme Richelme.

The band wanted to transcribe through this album the energy deployed during their live performance as faithful as possible, and thus engrave the imprint of their hybrid and psychedelic music.


Qilin is an instrumental quartet born in Paris in 2015 and formed by Thomas (lead guitar), Frédéric (guitar), Benoît (bass) and Mathieu (drums) who share a common taste for stoner / doom / sludge and a strong desire to share their passion and their feelings through those music genres.

Like this creature from the Asian mythology from which the band takes its name, Qilin plays a hybrid music alternating between powerful, raw parts and soaring interludes.

Our work invites you to an inner journey. Each track invites the listener to the darkest and most oppressive places followed by more welcoming landscapes, to meet the chimeras invoked in our titles. The band takes its influences mainly from psychedelic stoner, doom, but also from other styles at the crossroads (post, sludge, blues).

Qilin released a 1st EP in 2017. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by SWAT - Sound Workshop & Audio Tactics. The original cover art was produced by Paola Parés. 

Since then, the band has roamed its stage experience by performing mainly in Paris (Le Klub, La Mécanique Ondulatoire, Espace B, Supersonic…). Some shows were full. Qilin went to Rennes & Nantes (France).

QILIN line up

Frédéric B. (guitar)

Benoît C. (bass guitar)

Mathieu G. (drums)

Thomas V. (lead guitar)











Band: Imaginature

Album: Imaginature

Country: Poland

Genre: Symphonic/Power/Prog

Release date: October 2, 2021

Polish symphonic/power/prog metal band Imaginature set October 2, 2021 as international release date for their long-awaited debut full-length album Imaginature!

Recently band released their second Single "Near the End"; which is available on band's official Youtube channel here: https://youtu.be/Bs3LSxujyXA

Album tracklisting:

01. Atonement

02. Edge

03. Imaginature

04. Shade Enchantress

05. Renegade

06. Through The Cellar Door

07. Near The End

08. Weather The Storm

Pre-order album here: https://imaginature.bandcamp.com/album/imaginature

The music of IMAGINATURE contains heavy guitar riffs and bombastic drum section, with keyboards, whistle & pipes in the style of symphonic/power/prog metal.

The name IMAGINATURE comes from mixing the words “imagination” and “nature”, which reffer to composing style of the band. Despite of the keyboardist, the rest of its members has no musical education, but creativeness and imagination are something more desireable for them. Coming up with such band name they combined two opposite things, yet each of them bares great power. 

The band worked with guest appearances of musicians from such renowned bands as Sunrise, Pathfinder, Thermit, Moyra. You can hear them on upcoming debut album Imaginature, which is set to be released 02.10.2021.









After one EP, one single and almost six years of agonizing quiet, The Maledict will unleash its second full-length studio album: REMEMBRANCE.

Across seven brand new cuts and one reworked classic, Remembrance is a heartfelt exploration into the experience of nostalgia, and the two elements that comprise the word: nóstos and álgos, the agony and longing to return home.

Through its twists and turns from the melodic and epic opener, to the chaotic two-part suite of THE MALEDICT and the reworked version of POROUS, giving an old live staple a well-deserved new home on a full-length, the album deals with the realizations that come with maturity – that the blissful innocence of childhood is brought only by the hecatomb suffered voluntarily by every parent, to shield their young from staring down the same abyss they face every day.

Where our debut LP, DREAD, held its pain inside and lashed out in flashes of anger and fear, REMEMBRANCE is about the acceptance of pain and letting it out in croons and wails. The music is more melodic and more nakedly emotional – but no less heavy for it.

Written across the five years, recorded and mixed in 2019 through 2020, REMEMBRANCE continues our tradition of the almost-total DIY approach to album production, with thanks to Chris Rogers for drum engineering and all other components of the album being 100% self-produced.

This effort also marks the first recorded contributions from our new member Cameron Tilley, who officially joins as a keyboardist but contributed lead guitar parts to the album in lieu of Stuart Henry, who still remains a member of the band.

REMEMBRANCE releases on 29 August 2021 in digital and streaming formats, as well as an extremely limited run of physical copies on CD (50 copies). Both physical and digital releases of the album, available only from our Bandcamp page, will contain original full-color illustrations and liner notes.

To finally be able to share this long-overdue opus after so many years of waiting, is an elating sensation, and we are beyond thrilled to see what you think of it.


The Maledict is a death/doom band that formed in rural Victoria, Australia, in 2012. Originally conceived as a small-scale death metal project between guitarist/vocalist and principal songwriter Ian McLean and bassist Stuart McCarthy, over time the initial straight death metal approach continued to mutate, inheriting an increasing number of gothic, orchestral and doom metal influences.

The Maledict's musical identity was fully realized with the release of their self-produced debut studio album 'Dread' in 2015, which was met with critical acclaim in the independent metal blogosphere.

The band released the single 'Imperilled' in 2017 and followed in 2019 with 'Return to Gehenna', a re-recording of most of the songs from its inaugural demo 'Salvation in Yielding' from 2013 and a tribute to its death metal roots.

In 2020, Cameron Tilley joined the band as a keyboardist, but also temporarily filled in for lead guitarist Stuart Henry for some live shows.

With the release of its second full-length, 'Remembrance', the band continues its musical evolution, introducing more experimental, progressive and melodic elements to its morose blend of death and doom.


1. Remembrance [08:50]

2. Dolor Nil Finis [09:58]

3. Forever Adrift [07:13]

4. The Maledict I [09:31]

5. The Maledict II [04:57]

6. Porous [09:11]

7. Skies of Static [06:37]

8. The River Ophidian [12:29]

29 August 2021




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Finnish melodic death metal band Voidfallen is releasing their debut album The Atlas of Spiritual Apocalypse on October 8th 2021. Now they have released new music video and a single The Slaves of the Echo Chambers. 

The music video for this song was shot in Helsinki, in the capable care of the crew of Tiivistämö. With this video the band wanted to bring out the live spirit of the band in the same vein as the video for the song “The Daughters”, this time without live audience due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic.

Check the music video: https://youtu.be/5C2Abo4a5BI


Listen to the single:

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3hAPIVP

Apple Music: https://apple.co/3lpgQZ1

Bandcamp: https://voidfallen.bandcamp.com/

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3nDhu7N

Deezer: https://www.deezer.com/us/album/255909882

Tidal: https://listen.tidal.com/album/196076052


The Slaves of the Echo Chambers is the other half of its predecessing single “Sui Generis” which continues the pondering of how people blindly believe in them being extraordinary, this time from a different perspective.

Band backgrounds the new single: The Slaves of the Echo Chambers, just like Sui Generis, was born very quickly. The catchy melody of the chorus is the first thing written and at the same time the core of the song, rest of the song was built around it. While writing the lyrics it became evident that to reach its full potential the song required vocals that differ from the usual output of the band in addition to what the fans are used to. Vesa Salovaara of Vorna and Ephemerald was chosen as the best candidate for this particular song and he also took on the challenge. The end result turned out to be perfect.



Voidfallen started as a two man project of Tommi and Henri. The goal of the band was to learn from past mistakes and create npw art without compromises. On 2019 the band released their first EP titled “The Sinners, the Plague and the Voidfallen” which lead to a series of live shows. For these shows the remaining slots were filled with talented musicians. At the beginning of 2020 Voidfallen signed a multi-year booking contract with Heavy Metal Heart Agency and started to compose their debut album titled “The Atlas of Spiritual Apocalypse” which will be released on 8th of October world wide. The Slaves of the Echo Chambers is the 4th and last single from that album.


Voidfallen is:

Tommi Kangaskortet - Vocals

Henri Vuorenmaa - Guitars

Aleksi Tossavainen - Guitars

Lauri Myllylä - Bass

Mika Lumijärvi - Drums



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/voidfallenofficial

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/voidfallenofficial/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/VoidfallenOfficial


Pre-order The Atlas of Spiritual Apocalypse CD:

Bandcamp (Worldwide): https://voidfallen.bandcamp.com/

Recordshop X: https://bit.ly/3kbG65B

UK: https://plastichead.com/item.aspx?catno=INV399

Germany (Metalmailorder): https://bit.ly/3A8CEhw


1. The Slaves of the Echo Chamber

Composer: Henri Vuorenmaa

Lyricist: Tommi Kangaskortet

Arrangement: Voidfallen


Inverse Records




Label: MDD Records

Release: 25. June 2021

Format: CD-Audio (Jewel Case)

Swedish Death Metal reigns supreme…

When the name Grave is mentioned in connection with death metal, other band names inevitably come to mind: Unleashed. Dismember and Entombed. Together they are something like the "Big Four" of the "Death Metal made in Sweden movement" at the beginning of the nineties and thus still form the pinnacle of this genre.

After their third, and stylistically rather unusual album "Soulless", the path they took in the mid-nineties was continued on the 96 album "Hating Life". From then on, band head Ola Lindern took over the vocals as well as the guitar and was to shape the image of the "new" Grave from then on. On the following tour through Europe and America, the live album "Extremely Rotten Live" was recorded, before the band went into a Sleeping Beauty sleep for six years, only to come back "Back From The Grave", completely renewed and in keeping with the title.

With "Hating Life", a document of the time is re-released, which still shows the band in its original state and cements why this band is one of the "Big Four". Even if the name comes from another band of the "Big Four", one thing above all is characteristic on this album: Death Metal Victory!


01. Worth The Wait

02. Restrained

03. Winternight

04. Two Of Me

05. Beauty Within

06. Lovesong

07. Sorrowfilled Moon

08. Harvest Day

09. Redress

10. Still Hating Life

running time: 32:52



The Ignorance

by Filth

Death metal


October 14,2021


1.As Above

2.The Ignorance 03:33

3.Parasite 04:46

4.Black Flame

5.Nihilist 04:21

6.Silhouettes Ablaze

7.Exit Plan

8.Cave Dweller

9.They Live

10.The Whip And The Body

11.So Below


Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Jason Keating

Artwork - Jason Keating

Photography - Toddi Babu

All music and lyrics written by Filth






Apokryphus VII

by Apokryphus

Doom black metal


released September 12, 2021



1.Battle 04:27

2.Blessed Death 03:49

3.Interlude 02:21

4.Winter 04:47

5.Tenebris 03:56


MELKOR Guitar/Bass


Recorded in 2019, Mixed and Mastered by Melkor at "Goatical Home-Studio" 2021.

Cover Art by Allen Williams.

Logo by D.H.Graphic.

Santiago, Chile.




Warrior or Victim


Death Metal

released September 24, 2021

1.Embrace the Solitude 03:03

2.The End of Us 03:28

3.King of the Sea 03:50

4.Genocide of the Ignorant 03:11

5.Invisible Enemy 03:59

6.Truth Seeker Non-Believer 03:48

7.Body Negative 04:36

8.Waste 03:30

9.Stranded 03:59

10.Empty Shell 03:47

11.Intimidator 03:45

12.Warrior or Victim 03:42

13.Immune to Humanity 03:37

14.Succubus 04:10

15.Left to Rot 04:04

16.Squish You Like a Bug 02:50

17.Just Cause 04:19

18.Eternal Winter 03:10

19.Not Part of Your World 03:45

Warrior or Victim is a relentless 19 track Death Metal album. High speed and pure brutality from start to finish! Pre-release on Bandcamp. Officially release 09/24/21