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Just imagine you could combine the qualities of some great metal bands at the beginning 90s. The melody from Maiden, the groove from Pantera and riffs from Megadeth...and all that without any limits and genre rules!?

PARADOX COMMUNITY (PC) is a German metal band that combines a wide variety of styles from metal, progressive and rock. The trio does not create a constant boring mixture of all genres but tries to ensure a differentiated and exciting song experience by using different structures and styles for each song. From calm, melodic pieces to pumping metal grooves or a bit of thrash metal, everything is possible within PC. Most of the vocals deserve this name and change from shout to melodic singing or aggressive screaming and back. In terms of style the whole thing is a little progressive, although the band does not sound like "student music” but more like some straight old metal heads. Mirko uses unique riffs for most of the song structure and not only exchangeable parts. Together with drum patterns that complement the riffs but still have own character and ideas the PC sound is created without fitting in one specific genre perfectly.

The band has been in the current line-up since March 2007 after Henk Humberg joined as bass player. Mirko and Tommy have been playing together for about 25 years in different bands. Due to the trio line-up, which is unusual for this style, the band clearly stands out from the crowd. The three-person line-up is particularly advantageous live, because instead of the typical metal mud sound, the PCs have organized and ass-kicking tight live sound!

After so many years of making metal music the band decided to release the first official album in 2021. Prior recordings were just “for the band”. Of course, there were some live gigs over the years and all bandmembers had several other projects and bands, but now it is time to present the Paradox Community metal to a bigger audience. Maybe just to get a feedback from some real metal heads after all these years of making music.

Paradox-Community are:

Thomas Plum (Drums)

Henk Humberg (Bass) 

Mirko Mucha (Guitar, Vocals)

Follow the band at these links:




Boston (MA) - Doom-anchored Heavy Metal quartet OXBLOOD FORGE will release third full-length album Decimator on June 18! The album's first single, the title track, is available now and streaming at this location.

Though in existence for a mere five years, OXBLOOD FORGE has proven both prolific and creative in developing a sound on its own terms. Doom metal has been, and continues to be, a significant part of the band's sound, but heavy metal is the unifying element. On Decimator, the band's metal roots are on full display. Big hooks and heavy riffing built on a robust metal foundation is what OXBLOOD FORGE brings to the table in 2021 with Decimator.


Track Listing:

1. Into The Abyss

2. Decimator

3. Forged In Fire

4. Spirit Of Vengeance

5. Mortal Salience

6. Until the Gods Return (Hunt You Down)

7. Screams From Silence

8. Sorceress [Angel Witch cover]

9. Ironbound

Album Credits:

Recorded 2020 @ Red Devil Studios by Joel Hopkins

Mixed by Cory Paza @ All Step Studios

Mastered by Tom Waltz @ Waltz Mastering

Cover illustration by Brad Fraunfelter / BF Illustration

Photography by Evil Robb Photography

All songs written by Oxblood Forge except “Sorceress By Kevin Heybourne Copyright EMI Music Publishing Ltd originally by Angel Witch


Ken Mackay - Vocals

Erik Fraunfelter - Drums, Keyboards

Robb Lioy - Guitar

Greg Dellaria - Bass


OXBLOOD FORGE started in 2016 with the idea of playing heavy music their way, and not following the trends. Their first release, 2016’s self-titled EP, dabbled in everything from 70's rock to the Melvins, putting out many fan favorite songs. While their second full length, 2018’s Death Dealer’s Lament presented a more unified heavier sound. Its dark and brooding riffs provided a more doom direction, but still heavily focused on hooks and songwriting.

During this time, OXBLOOD FORGE played in front of audiences all over New England, opening for national acts such as Unearthly Trance, Conan and Mothership. They were also invited to play Doom Over Toronto II festival, in addition to the first annual New England Stoner Doom Festival.

OXBLOOD FORGE shifted gears stylistically with their split with Mourn The Light, embracing the metal of their youth, while keeping to their doom roots.

Oxblood Forge on Spotify

Oxblood Forge on Apple Music




Eighteen years after the release of their first full length album, Profane Prayer, the legendary Vulture Lord have returned with its caustic, violent successor - Desecration Rite! The album will be released in June by Odium Records and pre-orders open today, April 22nd, along with the unveiling of the first single from the album, 'Bloodbound Militia'. You can see the video for the 'Bloodbound Militia' single at the Odium Records YouTube channel by following this link:

The album, Desecration Rite, featuring stunning cover art from Jorge Vimendy, is available to pre-order on CD, Vinyl and a deluxe wooden box edition, limited to just 66 copies, along with accompanying t-shirts and longsleeves - all from Odium Records at:

Vulture Lord feature members of Urgehal, Carpathian Forest, Beastcraft and Endezzma and Desecration Rite features material written by the sadly departed and much-missed Nefas of Urgehal.

Full track listing for Desecration Rite:

1 Glorification of the Dethronation

2. Bloodbound Militia

3. Stillborn Messiah

4. The Vulture Lord

5. Diabolical Intervention

6. Prepare the Coffin

7. Beneficial Martyrdom

8. Burning the Kingdom of God

9. Perverting the Bible

The Vulture Lord has returned and darkness, death and desecration await!

Visit Vulture Lord on Facebook

Visit Odium Records here

Visit Odium Records on Facebook




New Haven (CT) - U.S. Heavy Metal band ENTIERRO have announced the June 18 release of long awaited follow-up to their 2018 self-titled full-length. Entitled El Camazotz, after the Mayan bat god associated with night, death and sacrifice, the five-song EP represents a new chapter in the story of the band.

Stream EP track "The Tower" at

Recorded just prior to the pandemic at Studio Wormwood in Northeastern Connecticut under the engineering mastery of Dave Kaminsky, the songs of El Camazotz harken back to the NWOBHM and traditional heavy metal bands that they grew up listening to. 

This also marks the first truly collaborative effort with former Fates Warning guitarist Victor Arduini, who had joined the band just prior to the recording of their 2018 full length. On this release, he was an integral part of the writing process working alongside vocalist/bassist Christopher Beaudette (Jasta, NightBitch,) drummer Dave Parmelee (One Master) and second guitarist Chris Begnal making it a much more definitive presentation of their creative vision. Together, ENTIERRO is solidifying their ability to create songs that manifest the crushing sound that they hope metalheads can continually find inspiration in.


Track Listing

1. The Penance

2. The Tower

3. The Past

4. El Camazotz

5. Call for the Priest [Judas Priest cover]

Album Credits:

Mixed and Engineered by Dave Kaminsky at Wormwood Studios, Mansfield, CT

All songs by Entierro, except “Call For the Priest” written by R. Halford, G. Tipton and K. Downing

Album Artwork by Maxwell Aston Art

Mastered by Nick Zampiello of New Alliance East Mastering


Christopher Taylor Beaudette – Lead Vocals/Bass

Victor Arduini – Guitar

Chris Begnal – Guitar

Dave Parmelee – Drums

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NoLifeTilMetal Records is proud to announce the CD and vinyl re-issue of 2012 debut album Maleficent from Southern California progressive thrashers Madrost. The remastered album will be released on May 28. Check out track "Zombie Grinder" at the following location:

Both the vinyl and CD re-issues were remastered by Rob Colwell (Bombworks Sound). The CD will feature an expanded booklet and an exclusive bonus track ("Perceptual Constancy"). This vinyl will be limited to only 100 copies on 180g black vinyl. The CD is a jewel case edition with 8-page booklet, limited to a 300-piece pressing.

Pre-orders are available now at this location. The first 50 pre-orders will receive a limited edition reflective Madrost sticker.

Founded in the summer of 2007, Madrost is a progressive death thrash act focused on precision songwriting and an energetic diverse approach to their sound. Influenced by the likes of Metal Church, Death, ELP, Believer, Coroner, Mekong Delta and Iron Maiden, the band has transformed from a straight-forward thrash/death style to incorporating a wide range of other instruments and time signatures into their own unique sound and style. Madrost signed with NoLifeTilMetal Records in 2020 and released their fourth album, the progressive thrash masterpiece Charring The Rotting Earth.

Maleficent was initially released in 2012 as an independent CD-R release and has been out of print and out of circulation for years. Unlike the band's more recent releases, Maleficent is a more straight-forward thrash/death metal album. The album featured furious riffs, blistering speed, shredding guitar solos and vicious, biting vocals.

1. Crypt Keeper

2. Aggressive Nihilism

3. Desecrator

4. Good Ol' Fashioned Violence

5. Drawn and Quartered

6. Necrosis

7. Under the Hammer

8. Zombie Grinder

9. Perceptual Constancy [CD Bonus Track]


Tanner Poppitt: Vocals and Guitar

Necro Nick: Guitar

Richard Orellana: Vocals and Bass

Mark Rivas: Drums





Singapore-based Death Metal newcomers ADARRAK, in collaboration with Dead Rhetoric, have premiered a music video for "Through The Fabric of Time." The track is taken from forthcoming debut album Ex Oriente Lux.

"Through The Fabric of Time" (Video Premiere)

ADARRAK will release Ex Oriente Lux May 27 on Satanath Records (physical) and Blood Blast Distribution (digital). Pre-orders are available at:

ADARRAK previously released the official video for album track "Bereft," which features a guitar solo from ex-Megadeth shredder Marty Friedman. The video is available at this location.

On Ex Oriente Lux, ADARRAK showcases a mixture of established (Headcrusher, Norse, The Amenta, Dispiteous, Sol de Sangre, Somnium Nox) and emerging musicians that are both local and global. The album boasts guest appearances by Marty Friedman of Megadeth fame, as well as other local musicians (Üllermach, Boxchild).

The album was mixed and mastered by the one and only Dan Swanö at Unisound Studios. Says Swanö about the forthcoming album:  “Adarrak is truly progressive since they are not afraid to implement all kinds of metal into the mix, anything from epic leads to insane blast parts.”

For fans of the extreme yet progressive with a touch of the Gothenburg sound.

Track Listing:

1) Final Ethos Demise

2) Into the Abyss*

3) Mettle

4) Bereft**

5) Withering

6) Through the Fabric of Time

7) Beneath the Vault of the World

8) Fire Will Cleanse (Instrumental)***

*Guest solo on "Into the Abyss" by Nicholas Chang

**Guest solo on "Bereft" by Marty Friedman

***Guest solo on "Fire Will Cleanse" by Edmund “Ed Quekstein” Quek

All music written by Adarrak. All lyrics by Zigor Munoz and Gustavo Valderrama. Produced by Adarrak. Mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound studios.


Emmanuel George Bi - Lead/Rhythm guitars and solos, except where noted

Gustavo Valderrama - Vocals

Zigor Munoz - Bass

Guest musician: Robin Stone - Drums

Social Media:



After releasing their sophomore album, Multiversal on March 29th Intergalactic Death Metal faction The Beast of Nod is eager to keep the momentum going with the launch of a guitar playthrough video for "Guardians of the Multiverse."

*You can check out the playthrough video HERE

About The Release/About The Band

The universe’s favorite “intergalactic death metal” entity The Beast of Nod is back with another sci-fi odyssey steeped in tongue-in-cheek absurdity entitled Multiversal. Multiversal is set for release on Earth and other worlds on March 29th. 

Active since 2015, the (now relocated to) San Francisco Bay Area, California-based technical/progressive death metal project has released two EP’s, a full-length, one compilation release, and a collaborative chiptunes release prior to the upcoming release of Multiversal. The Beast of Nod came out of nowhere and blew the whole world away upon the release of Vampira: Disciple of Chaos in May of 2018. Achieving a level of newfound praise, a massively growing fanbase, and amazing coverage and reviews worldwide on a scale that doesn’t happen all that often for a purely independent group based just on the merits of the music alone.

Now in 2021, The Beast of Nod takes a galactic leap forward for humankind and non-humankind alike with the impending launch of Multiversal. Never one to be lacking in ambition, the album furthers the intense storytelling lore behind the band’s fictional “The Land of Nod” sci-fi universe while expanding the full scope of what Multiversal has to offer with ambitious release plan ideas that will extend far beyond its initial release date. As usual, the group offers up an intense take on progressive/technical death metal with a strong emphasis on massive grooves and catchy melodies.

Jaw-dropping guest spots from musicians such as Joe Satriani, Michael Angelo Batio, Abiotic guitarist John Matos, Wormhole guitarist Sanjay Kumar, Equipoise guitarist Nick Padovani, and Bleak Flesh guitarist Matias Quiroz are simply icing on the cake of an album overloaded in talent as is by the group’s core members.

The Beast of Nod - Multiversal is strongly recommended for fans of Dethklok, Gojira, Slugdge, Inferi, Rings of Saturn, Abiotic, The Faceless, Marvel Comics & DC Comics, Physics, Astronomy, and Natural History.

The Beast of Nod - Multiversal Pre-order Links



The Beast of Nod - Multiversal Tracklist

1.Flight of the Quetzalcoatlus

2. Contemporary Calamity

3. Intergalactic War!

4. Call of the Squirrel (Featuring Joe Satriani)

5. Unleashing Chaos (Featuring Nick Padovani of Equipoise)

6. The Plan for Multiversal Creation

7. Guardians of the Multiverse (Featuring John Matos of Abiotic)

8. The Latent Threat

9. ShRedding OF the Cosmos (Featuring Sanjay Kumar of Wormhole, Matias Quiroz of Bleak Flesh, and Michael Angelo Batio)

The Beast of Nod - Multiversal Line-Up

Dr. Görebläster Körpse-härvest Lunden - Guitars and Composition (Mimesis, Pariahblaster)

Brendan Burdick - Bass

Paul Buckley - Loremaster, Vocals (Cryptid Mythos)

Lord Marco - Drums (Rings of Saturn, Brain Drill, Six Feet Under)

Social Media Links




Artist: Mark Datter

Album: Deathswing

Country: Slovenia

Genre: Country, grunge, metal, rock and folk

Release: June 16th

Mark Datter is a solo cover project of Matej Voglar (Snøgg, Carnifliate, The Stroj, s0n667, Mr. Van Punk, De Viant DJ (, ex-Krvava Rosa, ex-Entheogen). Matej started using this alias long time ago on different singer/songwriter open mic nights, jams and solo performances playing covers of different genres ranging from country, grunge, metal, rock and folk. As Mark Datter he is also playing guitar and sings in a punk cover band Mr. Van Punk. Their specialty is that they travel around in a van and are instantly ready for a performance. The set up takes about two minutes, they play for about 15 minutes and in two minutes they are ready to move on. They have been quite an attraction in their hometown of Velenje. 

But let's get back to Mark's solo work. During the first covid-19 quarantine in march-may 2020 Mark rearranged a couple of songs by his death metal/grindcore band Carnifliate in a swing fashion. The melos of what became reminds heavily of the band Morphine, which Mark adores and have performed their stuff many times. The original were written in the era when Matej was not yet in Carnifliate, what helped in that manner that he did not cover his own songs, yet songs of his friends that he was very familiar with and sure that he will get a confirmation for releasing the album, where many authors might not be pleased if someone would take their songs and lyrics out of a context. The album "Deathswing" includes five songs from Carnifliate's first album "Slaughtelust" and one from their sophomore album "Disgusting Festivities". It was recorded in Kunigunda studio Velenje by Rok Kugonič who also worked on Carnifliate's and Snøgg's albums in the second half of 2020.





Title: Boomhammer

Label: Ancient Entity Records

Release Date: May 7th 2021

Genre: Death Metal

Description: Following the 4 demo tapes, split CD and compilation CD (featuring all material), GARDEN OF EYES returns with a debut on vinyl. This 7" features a brand new song entitled "Boomhammer" on the a-side with the b-side holding a remixed and remastered version of "Saw Cleaver" which was previously exclusive to the compilation CD. 

The sound once more blends Swedish chainsaw guitars with that dripping atmosphere that Finnish bands perfected. This rotten combination of sounds and Bloodborne / Lovecraftian lore can only be described as Eldritch Death Metal.

For Fans Of: Entombed, Dismember, Nihilist, Carnage, Disma, Grave, Sentenced, Funebre etc!

Band Links: 




Label Links:


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Swedish death'n'roll combo All Wasted have signed with Wormholedeath a deal for the release of their album "Burn With Me".

"Burn With Me" will be out on 04 06 2021 on all digital platforms via Wormholedeath / The Orchard. The CD release will be announced soon.

Band comment:

Time has finally come!

ALL WASTED, the up and commers in the Death ´n´ Roll genre, from Gothenburg, Sweden release their much-anticipated debut album worldwide! The physical album Burn With Me contains previous digital released singles such as This Means War, Passion Of Crime, Towards The End, and Fading Out Of Line which put the band on the map with their energetic and slap-in-the-face kind of riffs. The album is recorded at All Wasted studio. Mixed and co-produced by Jakob Linnér at Mud Lake Studio. And mastered by Tony Lindgren from the enrich Fascination Street Studios (Opeth, Sepultura, Dimmu Borgir, Kreator).

Quote for signing:

We are stoked to announce that we will be teaming up with the record label WormHoleDeath for the distribution of our debut album Burn With Me.

WormHoleDeath have a huge platform covering the globe and have been in the business for over 10 years. We are certain they will make sure our album reaches every corner of the world.

More Death ´n´ Roll  for the people!

"Burn With Me"

1. Passion of Crime

2. Behind Broken Glass

3. Towards the End

4. Sense of Weakness

5. The Rise

6. Burn with Me

7. I am the Pain

8. Fading out of Line

9. Dawn Will Rise No More

10. Out of This Grave

11. Rotten to the Core

12. Time to Burn

13. This Means War


ALL WASTED – A metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Created by members with the attitude that it’s time to “just have a damn good time”. After a couple of years of jamming and tuning in the “right style” the band decided to go public in 2020. Not only with a raw, energetic, punch in the face kind of music. But also with a full length album ready to go.

So what genre is it?

- Call it Rock ‘n roll – death or death ‘n roll or anything else that sounds cool!(?) But it’s energetic, heavy, punchy and easy listened at the same time. Just the right amount of trickiness, and party as hell. Just hard enough for the death metal heads, but still enough simple melodies for straight up rockers. There’s some “old school” in there for you as well as hardcore-punk”(?). Take a listen and you’ll know what we mean.


ALL WASTED´s members come from bands like: We Are The Catalyst, Arise, Reenact, Agaze, Last Kingdom, Debbie Ray…  Join us on our journey…

All Wasted are:

Patrik – vocals

Erik – guitar

Emil – guitar/backing vocals

Hcan – drums

Jimmy – bass